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High Five To These 5 Free Fitness Apps


Winter is finally starting to thaw which means many of us are turning up the heat on our workouts. We’ve gathered a short list of FREE fitness apps to help get your booty movin’.

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal helps keep track of your daily calories and allows you to log your activity. It has thousands of foods already entered into its database, making it super easy to get an accurate calorie count – if that’s something you care about. Bonus: it automatically syncs with other fitness apps to more accurately track activity like MapMyRun.

2. MindBody

From yoga to kickboxing to indoor cycling, the MindBody app helps you explore a range of studios based on your location and allows you to book those classes directly from the app. Bonus: You can book spa appointments too!

3. Fitocracy

Need a free, trainer-created workout with built-in virtual high-fives? Fitocracy offers tons of free, guided workouts, tracks reps and can help you focus on certain muscle groups. Plus there’s a community section to ask questions and get motivation, and even offers trainers to answer questions.

4. C25K

Wanna run a 5K this year but you’re not a runner? C25K helps beginning runners learn to train properly with a mix of running and walking to gradually build stamina. Listen to your own music while you run and the audio coach will tell you when it’s time to walk or run. Bonus: It syncs with Nike+ GPS and MyFitnessPal.

5. Strava

Not just a runner? Try Strava, a run/ride tracker great for triathletes (or those pretending to be). Set personal goals and track key stats like distance, pace, elevation gain and calories burned – then challenge your friends.