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An (Actually) Easy Contouring Tutorial for Natural-Looking Definition


bareMinerals contour palette face chart

Long before YouTube tutorials (or even Sephora) the only way to master makeup techniques was to learn them from magazines or books. The ultimate guide came out in 1997: celebrity makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin’s Making Faces. It introduced the world to  contouring and the rest, as they say, is history.

In the last 20 years contouring has graduated from a trending technique to an essential one, but it can still seem daunting to try for the first time. That’s why, being the resource for natural-looking makeup, our team sought to create a simplified contouring palette that would easily guide you away from an all-out chiseled look to “nontouring”—applying makeup for subtle definition that more naturally shapes the angles of your face while adding flattering dimension. Take a peek at this the palettes in action, and keep reading for step-by-step contouring tips.


The secret to beautifully contoured makeup that looks healthy and natural is using high-quality shades that blend well together after applying both face primer and foundation. The BAREPRO® Contour Face-Shaping Trio gives you three distinct shades that are numbered in their order of use. Pick up your Blooming Blush Brush and let’s get started.

Step 1: Shade

Starting with the first color, Shade, you’re going to create shadows by applying it to the “low points” of your face: anywhere you naturally have (or want) shadows. Sweep the color along the sides of your nose, down from your ears and on the hollows of your cheeks, below your lower lip and along your temples, hairline and jawline.

Step 2: Blend

The second shade, Blend, is meant to give your face a little warmth , which is why it looks a little like a sheer bronzer shade. Apply it to your cheeks and forehead, using it to soften the lines from Step 1 and keep things looking natural.

Step 3: Pop

The final shade, Pop, is designed to create natural-looking dimension by contrasting the depth of the other shades. Pop highlights without the illuminating pearl that gives most highlighters their shiny, dewy look. Instead, the natural matte finish adds a brightening hint of light to the “high points” of your face without drawing unnatural attention. Blend Pop into any area that naturally catches light: the tops of your cheek bones and brow bones, the tip of your nose and your cupid’s bow and chin.

And that’s it! Practice makes perfect so bookmark this page and start getting used to your new cheekbones.