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Influencer Spotlight: Andreea Cristina Bolbea


“Invest in skincare, not shoes and bags.” These are words to live by according to Bucharest-born influencer Andreea Cristina Bolbea (@andreeacristina). The beauty lover, who has nearly a million followers on Instagram, is known for getting real about her picture-perfect life (she and her husband host a relationship podcast called “Can We Be Honest?!”) and how she achieves glowing skin. Andreea’s complexion is more than just photogenic though; it has inspired her to help other women achieve better skin, too.

Andreea’s approach to beauty is simple, meticulous and realistic. She knows that great skin can take time, and it’s her goal to create a sense of community amongst her followers while she shares everything she’s learned — namely, she says, that “good skin takes commitment.”

When we launched our new PORELESS Skincare Collection, we sent Andreea the 3-step regimen to get her honest, expert take (spoiler alert: she loved that it was simple, yet effective). Read on for her review, how she got into beauty, and a few things you might not know about the beauty pro.

You have nearly a million followers on Instagram. What do your followers come to you for?

Definitely my realness when it comes to product reviews. I take my job as a beauty tastemaker very seriously and would not want to lose the trust of my community by not being authentic in my recommendations.

In the world of beauty, do you have any particular passions?

Natural makeup — specifically makeup with skincare benefits. I think that is the future and it makes me so happy to see the industry going towards that.

What’s a beauty product you can’t live without?

A good cleanser

What made you want to work with bareMinerals?

I’ve been using bareMinerals since high school. The ORIGINAL Foundation SPF 15 is the first thing that really helped clear my skin. I was super loyal after that, all throughout college, and didn’t even try new foundations until I was 20. To this day I use the ORIGINAL Foundation as a base and a concealer.

Tell us about your skin: what you love about it and how would you like to improve it.

My skin was super finicky growing up. Nothing seemed to get it to balance out, so it was a real test of my patience to figure out what my skin needed. I always say if you have problems with your skin, the best thing to do is figure out how to get it balanced. Once you’re there, you can work on improving it. My skin tends to still be on the drier side, so I try to focus on giving my skin as much hydration as possible.

What is your current skincare routine?

I’m pretty simple with my routine. Always double cleanse (face wipes and cleanser); a few times a week I triple cleanse by adding a face scrub. Then always use an emulsion and essence because I always like an extra boost of hydration (rarely toner), then a good moisturizer and during the winter months I overdo it with masks and add an oil to the mix. Now that I’m rereading what I wrote I guess it’s not that simple! But that’s why I love this PORELESS Skincare Collection — it really simplifies your routine and gets young skin everything it needs to minimize those pores.

The cleanser is super gentle and creamy, but your face feels clean and smooth after using it. I wanted to keep massaging it in because it created the most decadent lather on my face. The essence is also lightweight but super hydrating. Patting it into my skin, it absorbed quickly and left my face moisturized even being applying the moisturizer. I love using an essence because it creates a great base for your moisturizer and helps carry skincare that follows deeper into your skin. The moisturizer is really the cherry on top because the essence does such a great job. The moisturizer is smooth, creamy and light.

Can you tell us how your skin looked after trying the PORELESS regimen for the first time?

I’m so intrigued by how powerful this collection is because from the first use I saw a visible difference in my complexion, and day by day, my pores were smaller and my complexion more even-toned and smooth. [My skin felt] very hydrated, even toned and light.

After a week, did you still see progress?

There was definitely a big difference in my skin tone and pore size. My face just looked brighter too.

Which was your favorite PORELESS product and why?

I love the essence. It’s so light and powerful and when I’m not wearing makeup, I like to use it multiple times a day to refresh my skin.

Would you recommend PORELESS skincare to your community? Why or why not?

Yes, of course! It’s a great collection for anyone focused on bettering their skin and specifically reducing pore size. I think its appealing because it doesn’t take much time to achieve your skin goals … routines don’t have to be extensive to get great results.

As a beauty influencer, what’s one good makeup tip you’ve learned?

Do your eye makeup before the foundation if you’re doing crazy eyeshadow colors.

What’s one good habit you’d love to have?


What’s something you know makes you feel good, even on stressful days?


Name one woman from history whose good work inspires you.


Whats one good place youve visited and loved?

Seoul, Soul Korea

Whats a good book youd recommend?

On the Road by Jack Kerouac

Who has been a force of good in your life and why?

My husband has reinstated my faith in men, and also has the ability to check me because I get a little carried away sometimes.

Tell us something about you that would surprise us.

English is my second language.

Any new and exciting projects you are working on?

Yes, but I can’t spill the beans just yet…