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One thing’s for sure, life is busy. Go here. Don’t forget that. Dress for the weather…wait, what’s the weather going to be like? The list goes on and on. Make your life a little easier (after all, you deserve it) with these 8 must-download-now apps. You’ll soon forget the days you were ever late for anything. You’re welcome.

Do you love a good to-do list? Or maybe you just constantly forget what needs to be done? Well this app is for you. Manage and update your lists on-the-go and you can even share and join forces on lists with friends and family. Take that, endless tasks.

Dark Sky
Weather is unpredictable, right? Not with this handy app by your side. It gives you the weather based on your exact location. Plus, it sends you an alert when rain is approaching…and when it will end. Phew.

You Need a Budget
Saving for something can be a lot of work. This app does all the detailed thinking that you don’t really want to do…and leaves you with what you really want, money in your pocket. Fingers crossed. You must purchase the desktop version ($60) to sync with your FREE iPhone or Android app. But they have a 30-day trial. Jackpot.

We’ve all been there. Out for dinner and drinks with your BFFs and you have to dash before the server has brought you the check. Have no fear, Venmo is here. Send money to your friend in a few easy steps, instead of dealing with your server.

Hitting the road doesn’t have to be a nightmare, especially when you have a little help from your other road friends. This is the largest community-based navigation app which shares everything from traffic accidents to the cheapest places to get gas.

This is for all you city-dwellers. Moovit tells you everything you wanted to know about your public transportation commute…along with some things you maybe didn’t want to know. Plan how to get from here to there, along with real-time (for real) arrival and departure times and hear about any pesky delays.

Trying to keep your entire family on schedule is no small feat. This app makes it beyond easy to organize, plan…and shop for groceries while you’re at it.