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Ask a Dermatologist: Blue Light Damage


It seems like all of a sudden everyone’s talking about blue light. What is it? Why do we care? We sat down with Dr. Sejal Shah, a board certified dermatologist in Manhattan, to answer your questions about blue light, pollution, premature aging, and how COMPLEXION RESCUE DEFENSE Radiant Protective Veil can help.


It’s a product that’s here to protect us against blue light. Blue light comes to us from multiple sources, from sunlight, to all the screen exposure we get. And we’re beginning to learn more and more that blue light
can potentially damage the skin. There’s more data coming out that shows it can lead to premature aging, as well as hyperpigmentation.

Why is everybody talking about this now?

Well, the reality is that exposure to blue light, at least in the amounts that we’re seeing it, is a newer phenomenon. Ten years ago we didn’t have smart phones and people weren’t on social media all the time. But now that
we have constant exposure, studies show that people are exposed to blue light probably over 10 hours a day, which is really really a lot. So it’s important to start protecting our skin against this potentially harmful radiation.

So how is it that a lotion can protect me? Does it work like sunscreen, for example?

COMPLEXION RESCUE DEFENSE Veil is a sunscreen — it does contain some titanium dioxide — so it is going to provide the benefits of a sunscreen, and it will act similarly in creating a barrier to other harmful substances.
It also has ingredients that work through anti-oxidant mechanisms and just boosting the skin and nourishing the skin

For more on blue light, types of sunscreen and how pollution can also cause premature aging, watch our sit down with Dr. Shah above. 

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