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6 Simple Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Sanctuary


Transforming your bathroom into a cohesive, welcoming, sanctuary might feel overwhelming or even impossible. But here’s the thing: you don’t have to do a major renovation or spend tons of money to go from lackluster to inspired. We asked a handful of interior designers to share their best bathroom interior design ideas for converting a merely average space into one that feels far more inviting. Here’s what they had to say.

Courtesy of ITALKRAFT

Tidy, Organize, and Purge

The first step in transforming your existing bathroom interior design is to aim for a clean and clutter-free space. Rydhima Brar, interior designer at R/terior Studio, advises: start by getting rid of any old, unused, or expired products hiding away in your vanities or cabinets.

Next, make sure only the basic necessities are left out and visible. Making sure each of those items has a designated space either in a bowl or basket, or on a shelf will keep things organized for longer. “The minimalist trend is here to stay, and having less clutter helps the eye to focus on the design of the room,” Rydhima says. “Also, tidying up doesn’t cost anything!”

Courtesy of ITALKRAFT

Change the Mood with a Fresh Coat of Paint

A bathroom is the perfect space to try out a color you might not feel brave enough to implement in a larger room.

“You can totally get away with bold hues here because bathrooms are inherently independent of other rooms, and the square footage commitment is much less,” explains Caitlin Murray, founder and creative director at Black Lacquer Design. “Paint, in general, really delivers the most bang for the buck and is easy enough to DIY in a pinch. It’s impactful and never permanent.”

After choosing your perfect color, make sure to properly sand existing services and use painter’s tape around edges to create clean lines. Caitlin likes to use a satin or high-gloss finish on woodwork, and a flat or matte finish for drywall since it better conceals imperfections. An alternative to painting is to hang wallpaper, or if the idea of tackling all the walls isn’t right for your vision, makeover the cabinets instead.

Swap Out Existing Hardware

Quick swaps of cabinet pulls, towel racks, light fixtures, and even the faucet, can change the space’s overall look and vibe — no construction required.

“When trying to create a sanctuary-like space, I recommend using brass hardware. We typically see a lot of silver and chrome hardware in bathrooms, but that creates an austere look that isn’t as inviting as a warmer metal like brass,” says Diana Viera, interior designer and managing partner of ITALKRAFT. “Brass hardware is really beautiful and comes in many different styles that can speak to your personal aesthetic.”

Courtesy of ITALKRAFT

Create a Balance of Natural Textures

The right balance of textures in your bathroom is a great way to make your space feel more inviting and appealing to the eye.

“While traditional bathroom materials consist of soft or neutral colors and stone or tile materials, consider adding some other natural elements to the mix, such as seagrass, pearl and greenery,” says Rydhima. “We’re not talking about a bathroom remodel here. These are relatively low-priced items that you can purchase to round out your space.”

For example, a tall woven hamper, a wooden ladder for towels and a couple hanging plants can take things to the next level.

Courtesy of ITALKRAFT

Incorporate an Oversized Mirror

“I love hanging a very large mirror or adding a standing mirror into the bathroom because it can make the space seem much wider and more spacious than it actually is,” says Diana. “This trick works especially well for smaller bathrooms that may seem cramped and stuffy. Mirrors also reflect light in the room and emphasize any natural light from windows, which can create a softer atmosphere — instead of having a dark space illuminated by fluorescent lighting.”

Before buying, examine your space to see where the mirror could fit and amplify your light, then take measurements. When shopping, be in the mindset that this a decorative piece versus just a functional object that helps you put on your mascara (though that’s important too!).

Upgrade Your Towels

One of the best parts of staying at a hotel is wrapping yourself up in those glorious, oversized, ridiculously luxurious towels. Consider retiring your existing set — especially if they’re mismatched or very worn — for resort-style towels that’ll make you just as excited to shower in your bathroom as you are a fancy hotel.