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Behind the Mask: Dirty Detox


Mud and charcoal mask by bareMinerals

To get really clean, sometimes you have to get a little dirty. Enter Dirty Detox, our 5-star face mask made with charcoal and four different mineral-rich clays.

First things first: why use a charcoal mask?

Trending beauty products can range from winners to just plain wacky, and this the charcoal mask falls into the first category for sure. We make ours with Japanese white charcoal, which absorbs impurities to help purify and balance the skin, and combine it with a mix of clays to create one skin glowing and refining super mask.

Why we think our mud and charcoal mask is THE best

Let’s start with the unanimous 5-star reviews on our site, because nothing makes us happier than you loving our products. What’s better than hearing that this mask has helped clear up acne-prone skin?!
But before we even released it, we knew this mask would be a winner. Traditional mud masks were great for absorbing oil… to the point of totally drying out your skin. So we started with one proven favorite clay, then sourced additional clays from around the world that promote skin clarity and balance, instead of overly drying your skin and making it produce even more oil… you know the routine.

Here’s our detox mud mask mix:
Moroccan Rhassoul Clay: Long used in beauty treatments to help detoxify and improve skin’s clarity.
French Green Clay: Rich with minerals and nutrients that help detoxify, balance and improve skin’s clarity.
Brazilian Green Clay: Helps absorb excess oil and pore-clogging impurities.
Spanish Coastal Clay: Helps improve skin’s clarity.

What else is in there?

For extra purifying power, we added papaya enzyme, a natural exfoliant (if that sounds familiar, it’s also a key ingredient in our best selling BAREPRO Liquid Performance Wear Foundation). And as a little treat, since you do leave this stuff on for a while, we added the naturally-derived fragrance of eucalyptus and bergamot for a fuller, more indulgent detox experience.

It’s detox time: How to use a mud mask

-Start with a clean, dry face.
-Apply a thin layer of the face mask with clean hands, or our Mask Smoothing Brush, which is curved to match the contours of your face (and will keep mud from getting under your nails).
-Leave for 10-15 minutes. Dance around, take a bath, do the dishes—or maybe all three if you’re quick.
-Wipe off the clay with warm water and a dark cloth (the natural clays will stain a white towel).
-Admire your new glow!

So there you have it: smearing mud and charcoal on your face isn’t just good for your glow—it’s also as fun as it sounds.