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Going out for a date night can be pretty spendy and oh-so tiring. Dealing with crowds and waiting for your reservation is a bit of a bummer and can totally kill the mood. Relax and let the romance come to you (and your partner) by keeping the date at home. You can even wear your pajamas. Nobody will judge. Here are some cool and easy ideas for a night in:


Wine your way through a tasting
Forget that over-priced wine bar, create your own tasting room. Grab a couple bottles of different varietals and let the tasting begin. Want to take it up a notch? Do it blindfolded and try to guess the wines.

Dance? Party of two.
Create the ultimate playlist with songs that remind you of your rockin’ time together. Go on, dance like a fool (in love).


Make your own fruit-infused alcohol
Being your own bartender is super easy. Simply take fruit of your choosing (we used blueberries paired with mint) and mash up in a bowl. Let sit for a few hours, strain and then add to your favorite mixer (we used gin). Cheers.

Get board (the fun way)
Grab your favorite board game and let your competitive side out. Don’t worry, it’s all for love. Whether you end up playing Twister, Sorry, or take it digital with the Heads Up app, you’ll have hours of laughs ahead.


DIY it up
Have you been longing to paint a room in the house or perhaps create some lovely artwork for those bare walls? Come together and make art. Grab some paint swatches from the hardware store and use those beauties for a funky, geometric collage. Or use some chalkboard paint to create a spot to write sweet, sweet nothings to each other.

Take a trip down memory lane
Life is busy and sometimes we forget about the little things. All the memories over the weeks, months and years. Take the time to go through old photos (yes, logging on to Facebook counts) and talk about all the fun times you’ve had together, and plan for more to come.


Heat things up in the kitchen
Hit up your neighborhood market (romantic stroll, anyone?) for yummy ingredients to make hors d’oeuvres, dinner…and don’t forget dessert. Here are some ideas to get you started:
HORS D’OEUVRES: Cheese Plate with Seasonal Fruit
MAIN: Chickpea Puttanesca over Cheesy Polenta
DESSERT: Brownie Truffles

Recreate your first date
Whether you actually order from the restaurant you had your first date at, or you take matters into your own hands, having the meal from when you first met will surely make those sparks fly all over again.


Take it outside
If you have some outdoor space, take your love outside. Decorate your backyard with cool lights, candles, pillows and anything else to set the mood. Nothin’ beats a dinner under the stars.