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#IAmAnOriginal: Inside Our Big Clean Beauty Anniversary


Once upon a time, we changed everything. No, really. In 1995, nobody was talking about clean beauty. Super-heavy liquid foundations and ultra-matte skin were the order of the day ­— until we launched ORIGINAL Foundation SPF 15. The innovative formula, which was cruelty-free then and still is today, was made of 5 loose natural minerals — that’s it. With no binders or fillers, the weightless powder was both incredibly lightweight and yet provided flawless coverage. It really felt like nothing — and looked like nothing. Using our SWIRL, TAP, BUFF technique, the minerals warmed and mixed with the natural oils on skin to become creamy and smooth, giving off a naturally luminous, no-makeup look. This was foundation that actually improved skin over time, which was totally revolutionary then (and now, come to think of it). It’s hard to overstate how big of an impact those little jars of loose powder made on the people who used it.

This year, we’re celebrating the iconic foundation that started it all by spotlighting members of our community whose lives have been literally changed by its innovative formula. Take Tracy from Scotland, who told us how ORIGINAL Foundation helped her feel better when she was battling an illness, and spoke movingly of how important that can be to one’s spirits. Or Jhennifer from Alabama, who told us she couldn’t find a makeup that both matched her skin tone and could keep up with her long work days — until her mother introduced her to bareMinerals. Then there’s Oonagh, who, before finding ORIGINAL Foundation, felt unable to leave her house due to her severe skin condition. Once she got her hands on just 5 mineral ingredients, she was ready to take on the world.

Today, somebody buys a jar of ORIGINAL Foundation every 18 seconds around the globe,* and it’s that emotional connection to our products that sit at the heart of our brand. Our community believes that yes, sometimes less can do more. Our community believes in the power of clean beauty. And when someone in each of their lives — a mom, a friend or an associate at a local beauty counter — told them that this little powder would change their skin for the better, they believed them, too. So, to kick off the celebration, we turned to our community. We connected with 25 superfans across the globe, our bareOriginals, who all have one thing in common: they are Originals with incredibly personal stories to share about the life-changing foundation we launched in 1995. We hope you’ll explore their stories and continue the celebration by sharing your own Original story with us.

Happy anniversary, ORIGINAL Foundation.

*Weekly Total Business Product U.S. 2019 Unit Sales YTD 2019. International Category Recap Unit Sales YTD 2019.