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Refresh Your Daily Routine Based on Your Personality Type


There are few times when life presents us with an opportunity to start over, so when we do get a chance to hit the reset button, it’s a moment that deserves attention.

Right now, life is giving us the chance to step into a new phase. As we’ve gotten to know our true selves — our wants and our needs — over the past few months, it’s time to step forward and embrace what we want going forward. Ahead, we’re breaking everything down by personality type. Whether you’ve resolved to surround yourself with more nature or hit the books, we’ve got the lifestyle and beauty recommendations you need to make it happen.

The Minimalist

Inspired to live with less? For some, the feeling of letting go of material possessions can take a huge weight off — and it’s a chance to wipe the slate clean with every donated mug.

Spending time at home can make you realize what you do and don’t use on a daily basis. Start your journey to a more minimalist lifestyle by reevaluating what you really need. Clear out your closet with a tried-and-true method, and only hold onto what you know you truly love.

Then, pare down your morning routine. A minimal morning can give you more time to focus on yourself. Instead of ordering breakfast from a cafe, why not make a simple-yet-hearty breakfast a few days at a time? In lieu of trying on your entire closet, set aside your outfit the night before. And why use three products when you can use one that does it all? COMPLEXION RESCUE Tinted Moisturizer has you covered with skincare benefits, sheer-to-medium coverage and mineral-based SPF 30.

As you begin to look outside of the home, consider how you can cut down on the unnecessary parts of your everyday life: consume less fancy coffees, carry a smaller purse, walk more and cut down on errands for things you don’t really need. For the minimalist, there’s so much satisfaction in knowing that less really can do more.

The Eternal Student

Learning is a lifelong journey. For the person who’s always seeking out new online classes or ordering how-to books — or recently realized how much they’ve missed learning — it’s only natural to quench that thirst for knowledge.

Over the past few months, you’ve enjoyed expanding your skillset, and it’s time to take things a step further. Challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone as a student. Normally someone who enjoys taking art classes? Try engaging the other side of your brain by learning a new language. We love apps like Duolingo and Mondly. Loves to learn new sports and workout moves? Curl up with a cookbook and learn how to fuel your body in a different way.

Remember, you can always start small. There are plenty of easy ways to step out of your comfort zone. Makeup has the power to create transformative looks — and our favorite clean beauty looks are always easy to learn. Do you usually stick to mascara only? Experiment with a BOUNCE & BLUR Eyeshadow Palette to create an effortless smoky eye. Each palette features 5 coordinating shades in a range of finishes, all fingertip-friendly, so you can create bare-to-bold eye looks. Or, may we suggest contouring? It’s simple with our COMPLEXION RESCUE Hydrating Foundation Stick: just choose a shade 3 intensities darker than your skin tone, swipe on wherever you want definition, and blend, blend, blend.

The Extrovert

If you’ve been feeling cooped up and Zooming every single happy hour, it’s time to give your routine a big upgrade. We get it: loungewear and no-makeup makeup isn’t for everyone. If you have an extroverted personality, it’s time to go big — while sticking to clean, good-for-you ingredients, of course.

Our BAREPRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation is made to last all day. The 12-hour formula has medium-to-full coverage, and you don’t have to compromise good ingredients for a big makeup moment — the skin-improving foundation is made with 90% vitamins and minerals. Finish your look with something that’ll grab everyone’s attention: a long-lasting lip color. Our BAREPRO Longwear Lipstick is just the formula for you, with high-impact, full-coverage color in just one swipe.

Start a list now with the local restaurants you’ll want to frequent first (and check if they’re doing to-go picnics!). Even if you can’t go out quite yet, there are plenty of ways to mix up that “girl’s night out” at home. Mood-boosting music, a new cocktail recipe and shopping your closet to create a new outfit can go a long way. And for the food: put your extravagant personality to the test and do a DIY tasting menu. Go big or go home, right?

The Outdoor Explorer

Ready to fully immerse yourself in nature? Leave cabin-fever behind and infuse more nature into your everyday life.

If you’re ready to give up city living, but haven’t made the move quite yet, there are a few ways to bring the essence of outdoors to your home. Infuse your space with the elements of nature with some feng shui. Or try these tips — from an herb garden to an uplifting room spray — to bring the sunny vibes inside.

Next, overhaul your beauty routine. Our ORIGINAL Loose Mineral Foundation is made with only 5 natural, mineral ingredients. The lightweight, buildable formula is vegan, talc-free and promotes clearer, healthier-looking skin over time. Plus, it has mineral-based SPF 15 to protect your face from sun damage when you’re exploring outside.

As for that time outdoors? If you live somewhere suburban or urban, it might be difficult to find open areas to roam free and fully submerge yourself in greenery. Instead of relying on overcrowded parks, explore a public garden, volunteer at a greenhouse, or help plant a backyard or urban garden.