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How to Make the Most of Your Extra Hour


We’re falling back in time this Sunday and gaining an extra hour in the day thanks to Daylight Savings Time. While you could spend this time catching up on your beauty sleep (and no judgement if you do), we recommend taking advantage of the bonus 60 minutes and tackling something fun.

Be a jingle-belle. Start planning your holiday looks and check out our video tutorial for a soft smoky eye using The Regal Wardrobe collection. Have fun practicing—it makes perfect, after all.

Experience serenity. Take a little time for yourself and start the day with some mindful meditation. Try Headspace for their free 10-day trial of guided relaxation.

Set yourself up for a deliciousness. Spend your extra hour making nutritious breakfasts and lunches like egg muffins, overnight oats and mason jar salads. We promise, you’ll be loving your meals all week long.

Become a style master. Learn a new hair technique like a chunky French fishtail braid and show up to work with an impressive ‘do.

Get to steppin’. Raise your heart rate and go for a brisk walk. Enjoy solo time to clear your head, or grab a buddy and earn extra friend points for promoting healthy habits.

Write a handwritten note. Whether you owe someone a “thank you” or just want to drop a “thinking of you”, a card delivered in the mail (and not over the web) is always a sweet surprise.