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Meet Our First Ever Global Dermatology Ambassador


We believe that clean beauty is the key to great skin. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create 100% clean, 100% vegan skincare lines made for all skin types, all ages and all skin concerns. It’s only fitting, then, that we work with professionals who share our love for clean formulas with clinical results. On that note, we’re thrilled to announce the first ever bareMinerals Global Dermatology Ambassador: Dr. Joyce Park, a board-certified dermatologist and Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. Dr. Park practices medical and cosmetic dermatology in Northern California, where she also lives with her family and runs her lifestyle blog, Tea with MD.

Dr. Park is passionate about helping her clients find confidence through their best skin, and we’re excited for her to bring her expertise to the bareMinerals community as we grow the conversation around skincare and share educational content with you. In anticipation of this big announcement, we sat down with Dr. Park earlier this year to get to know her and her skincare philosophies a little better. Below, she shares everything from her dermatology roots to her can’t-miss skincare ingredients.

What made you want to become a dermatologist?

I love dermatology for so many reasons, but what makes this job incredibly rewarding is seeing first-hand the transformation of my patients’ skin. Dermatology is a very visual field — I can often walk into a room and diagnose the skin condition just by using my eyes. However, because skin conditions are so visible, my patients are understandably very impacted by them and also motivated to fix them. Whether it’s clearing a patient’s acne or helping to diagnose and treat a skin allergy, by helping patients achieve healthy beautiful skin, I can help them regain their confidence and happiness. I also love how versatile the field is; I can see a mix of children and adults, perform medical dermatology as well as cosmetic dermatology, and I get to perform surgery to remove cysts and skin cancers as well.

What made you want to partner with bareMinerals?

I love the bareMinerals natural approach to beauty, and how the focus is on achieving healthy-looking, beautiful skin through clean ingredients and clinically proven products.

What are some of the most common skin concerns people come to you for?

I see a lot of conditions, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, allergic reactions and skin infections. I also diagnose and treat skin cancers.

What is your skincare philosophy?

Less is more — it’s not about the quantity of skincare products you use but rather knowing which key ingredients are the most effective for good skin.

What’s your favorite skincare ingredient?

Ceramides are a standout natural ingredient for me. If your skin cells are like bricks, ceramides are like the glue that holds all your skin cells tightly together. We lose ceramides as we age, which means our skin barrier isn’t as strong. By using ceramides in our skincare, we can prevent water loss and help to lessen the look of wrinkles in our skin.

What would you say to someone who wants to improve their skin but doesn’t know where to start?

The basic building blocks of a good skincare regimen are: sunscreen, moisturizer, exfoliant and antioxidant. The key is consistency: using these products daily and also to be patient. Achieving healthy-looking, glowing skin is a gradual process and requires commitment.

What do you like to do to relax after a long day?

Spending time with family is huge for me and essential to recharging! I’m a big fan of traveling, whether it’s small day trips to Napa or Carmel, or international trips. My favorite recent international trip was to New Zealand! I also like taking barre, spin or hip hop dance classes and blogging about skincare.

What would you say to someone who wanted to follow in your footsteps?

Have confidence in yourself even when others doubt your abilities. If you have your eyes set on a specific goal, chase it with all your heart!