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Let’s face it. We’re always connected. We’re impulsively checking our phones, laptops and computers for new notifications, and miss out on things going on right around us. What’s the solution ? A digital detox, of course.

There are so many benefits to turning off and tuning in:

  • More attention to the moment
  • More self-control
  • More self-reliance
  • Increased productivity
  • Less distracted social interactions
  • Better sleep

Here’s how to take your eyes off the screen:

Practice makes perfect
A digital detox is all about self-control. Try meditating to prepare yourself. It can help you focus on the moment, and keep you from getting distracted.

Unplug one thing at a time
If you simply cannot unplug from everything at once, try eliminating one piece of technology, website, or app at a time. Trust us, we know it’s hard.

Check out a digital detox camp
These camps are created to reconnect with yourself and others. Some involve workshops, classes, games, writing classes, exercises, analog art, meditation, and much more:

Let ’em know
Announcing it to the world makes you more responsible for your actions. Let your immediate family and friends know that you are taking a little break from technology. They’ll understand (and hold you accountable).