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Earth Day Checklist: Little Choices You Can Make Today

With Earth Day approaching, it’s the best time to focus on creating a healthier environment and showing more respect to the earth. That’s wonderful, of course, but it’s also intimidating, so we’re focusing on small changes you can make today that build up to true lifestyle changes — and, ultimately, a big impact.

Eat & Drink Mindfully

It’s our job to protect the planet and leave it in good shape for future generations. One easy way to do this is to reduce food waste — especially since the USDA estimates that 30 – 40% of food supply in the U.S. goes to waste. “Before you go grocery shopping, check what leftover ingredients you have lying in the fridge or in your cupboards. Think of new, healthy recipes to take advantage of the food you already have, helping the planet and saving money in the process,” says Caleb Backe, a certified health and wellness expert for Maple Holistics. Naturally, you still have to buy some groceries even if you cut down. Luckily, the “milk man” model is coming back into style with companies like Loop that refill empty food containers, reducing packaging waste.

But it’s not just about buying less. Before you throw away your food scraps, see if they can be regrown. Even if you don’t have a garden, herbs can be planted in jars or pots. Your next best option is composting. Find your nearest community collection point, freeze food scraps to minimize the smell, and put a weekly drop-off reminder in your phone.

Just like food itself, keep an eye on your food-related waste. Most of us are aware that buying bottled water is bad. But morning coffee cups add up, too. Purchase a reusable travel mug that collapses for easy storage. Another bonus? “Most cafes will give you a discount for using your own,” says eco-conscious blogger Meera Jain of the thegreenmum.net.

If you prefer coffee at home, skip wasteful plastic pods and buy a reusable pod coffee filter. Alternatively, use a French press, pour-over, or moka pot for an artisanal, low-energy way to feed your coffee habit. You can also make cold brew in a French press, which doesn’t require the energy of heating water.

When dining out, say “Thank you, no thank you” to the waiter next time you order a drink. “Straws are made of plastic and are not recyclable,” Jain reminds us. If you’re not quite ready to give up your straw habit, purchase edible straws that make a nice snack once you’re done with your meal. (Seriously — they’re edible!)

Refresh Your Beauty & Wellness Routines

“A simple change you can make to maintain a more sustainable beauty routine is to swap out your exfoliating scrubs that may contain microbeads that are really harmful for the environment and sea creatures,” says Amy Nicole, founder of Chic Studios School of Makeup. Instead, shop brands (like yours truly) that are microbead-free, or create an all-natural substitute using ingredients you may already own. “A simple combination of raw sugar and coconut oil makes a great lip and body scrub that you can use without worrying about putting harsh or harmful chemicals on your skin,” says Nicole.

Unfortunately, not all beauty products have an easy DIY alternative. For items like sunscreen, look for ingredients that are safe for the environment. Chemical sunscreens can threaten corals and other marine life, so opt for mineral sunscreens like Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide (the active ingredients found in our best-selling ORIGINAL Foundation).

Instead of tossing your empty beauty products, recycle them! bareMinerals has a program for Friends and Benefits members that allows you to bring your empty makeup containers to a store location in exchange for points toward your next purchase.

When it comes to personal care items, use recycled materials as often as possible. Opt for 100% recycled toilet paper, tissues and paper towels. You can also choose eco-friendly feminine products, like organic cotton tampons or reusable menstrual cups.

Shop Sustainably

When it comes to shopping for groceries (or anything, really!), always bring your own bags — you can even purchase reusable produce bags, and tuck them inside your shopping tote. To keep yourself from accidentally forgetting your bags, invest in the ones made from recycled materials that fold up and store easily in your purse.

As for food, furniture, appliances and more, “When you need something, make an effort to source it from a secondhand store,” says Jain. Resale sites are becoming more common for fashion, furniture and more. This will save you money in the long run too.

Greening your wardrobe can powerfully improve your life in several ways. “It minimizes waste and production of throw-away clothes. Also, buying clothes made from recycled materials, or with a commitment to sustainability, helps grow the industry and combat climate change,” says Annabel Hertz of Goodbuysugar.com. If you don’t luck out at a secondhand store, choose ethical brands that source recycled materials and promote clean practices. Unlike fast fashion realtors, brands like Alternative Apparel, Reformation and Outdoor Voices use sustainable materials and minimize their energy and water footprints.

Rethink Your Home Goods

Greening your home can have a big (and easy) impact. “See what you can do to save energy, from bulbs to heating settings and unplugging electronics when not in use, to replacing your standard cleaning products with green products, and recycling, composting and reducing junk mail — you will be making a difference!” says Hertz. If you can, air dry your clothes and use reusable cloths instead of paper towels.

Travel Smarter

Green your rides by replacing your drive with public transport, biking, walking or shared car service. If you work for a big company, suggest a Waze carpool, where you and coworkers can ride together (besides, driving can be a drag!).

Modern travel can be highly polluting. “Choose sustainable tourism options and carbon offsets (for flights) and carry a water bottle with a filter (so you don’t have to buy and waste plastic water bottles),” says Hertz. Plus, go by the same rules you have at home: do you really need fresh towels daily? Better yet, instead of staying in a hotel, try booking an Airbnb or tiny house, where you can control exactly how much energy and water you use throughout your stay. Not to mention the endless Instagram photo ops…

Spread the Word!

Every time you decline a straw or pull out your produce bags, explain your choice to any curious onlookers. “The more people are making these small, easy changes, the more of an impact we can have!” says Jain.

Good as Gold: 24 Karat Gift Ideas for Her (and You!)


Makeup gift ideas for her by bareMinerals

Days are getting shorter, nights are getting colder and our world is getting a whole lot golder. Are the holidays here yet? Not quite, but we simply can’t wait to share this year’s glittering, gilded gift guide. It’s filled with collector’s editions of our best sellers; exclusive new highlighter, eyeshadow and lip shades; and makeup gift sets in all shapes and sizes so you can get more beauty for less.

Our super sparkly (and very organized) gift guide invites you to shop the way you think: by gift category (Makeup! Skincare! Complexion!) or by price, since we know that’s important, too. Prefer to shop by personality? Here are a few of our favorites for friends, girlfriends, moms, you… take a look!

Playful Gift Sets

Makeup gift ideas from bareMinerals

What’s more fun than makeup? Holiday makeup, obviously. Statement lipcolors and shimmering highlighters are just a few seasonal must-haves to give and get. It follows that some of our favorite makeup gift ideas are a 6-shade highlighting palette for all skin tones and a sweet set of Moxie Plumping Lipglosses.

Practical Gifts

Practical makeup gifts for her

How do you spoil someone who has worn the same foundation for 20 years, who doesn’t wear lipstick, who won’t make time for a treat but totally deserves one? How about an extra large (extra dazzling) ORIGINAL Foundation? A kit of fresh makeup brushes (in limited edition gold) is another delight she’ll use every day.

Customizable Makeup Gifts

Customizable makeup kits from bareMinerals

How it works: Choose complexion or eye and lip, then fill the cosmetics bag with your full-size makeup favorites. We’ll throw in deluxe samples of our essential Prime Time primer and Skinlongevity serum, since they work with everything, and voilà! You get the savings of a beauty bundle and exactly what you need.
Perfect for: Any woman who knows what she wants (aka you?).

Guilty Pleasures

Our Guilty Pleasures are the most luxurious gifts in our lineup, overflowing with colors and finishes that invite you to play endlessly. Curious? Check out our unboxing video of Dipped in Gold, which features full size lip, eye and face colors that were curated with the holiday season in mind.

You can shop our full holiday makeup gift guide on bareMinerals.com and in our boutiques. Happy sparkling!

Let’s Work It Out: Answers to Your Workout Beauty Questions


Workout makeup by bareMinerals

Whether you’re always bare faced or HD camera ready, working out presents a special beauty challenge for us all. Add buzz about “athleisure beauty” and a lot of people are rethinking what qualifies as a gym bag essential.

The phrase athleisure beauty may sound like an oxymoron, but we get it: now that your yoga pants look better (and cost more) than your jeans, it’s time for your skincare and makeup to step up their games accordingly. Because while you’re working out you need products that are good for skin… and high performance… with a no-makeup look. And you know what? We don’t think it’s too much to ask.

How can I remove all my makeup pre-workout?
bareMinerals Oil Obsessed Makeup Removing Cleanser

It’s shocking every time: you grab a towel mid-workout and yikes. Whether you forgot about that full face of makeup or thought you’d done a good job of cleansing pre-treadmill, a skin toned smear on your fresh gym towel is never a good look. Enter Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil. This will take off anything from your face, no matter what you did all day (or the night before). It removes waterproof makeup, pro-grade foundation—this is the only cleanser you need to have at the gym. The nurturing essential oils break down oil of all kinds so it’s also great post-workout for clearing away the grime and sweat on top of your skin.

Will working out in makeup cause breakouts?

bareMinerals ORIGINAL Loose Powder Mineral Foundation

Sure, doing anything in makeup can cause breakouts IF (and it’s a big if) your makeup isn’t labeled “non-comedogenic.” Non-comedogenic products like our ORIGINAL Foundation (which is in the Allure Best of Beauty Hall of Fame) are specifically formulated so they won’t clog your pores or cause breakouts, so keep an eye out for this designation when you’re shopping.

What makeup can I wear working out on the beach?
bareMinerals Prep Step Mineral Sunscreen and Primer

Outdoor workouts are the best—but cloudy or clear, SPF is a must. Chemical sunscreens can irritate sensitive skin, so opt for a “physical” mineral sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB rays. Our most potent is Prep Step which isn’t just broad spectrum SPF 50—it doubles as a makeup primer. With tiny microbeads that burst and blend with your skin tone, this can be worn alone, or buff ORIGINAL Foundation over it for that company softball game, or any other time you want to look flawless on the move. ORIGINAL is a loose powder foundation but when buffed into and warmed by the skin, it becomes a cream that totally stays put. You can do anything you want in this makeup (including sleep in it!) plus, it has SPF 15 for an added layer of sun protection.

What makeup can I wear working out before brunch?

bareMinerals 5-in-1 primer eyeshadow

If you’ll be rushing from your morning workout to brunch (or a day at work) and need to apply your makeup first, ORIGINAL Foundation will still be your starting point. On your eyes, try 5-in-1 Eyeshadows, which have built in primer so they won’t move when you sweat. Round the Clock Eyeliner glides on as a cream but sets when dry for another gym-friendly option. Add some Flawless Definition Waterproof Mascara and our water-resistant Brow Gel for a ready-for-anything (including lots of sweat) look.

How do I eliminate post-workout redness?

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer Mineral Foundation

If you leave kickboxing more fuchsia than delicately flushed, meet Complexion Rescue tinted moisturizer. Complexion Rescue is a big name, but this product lives up to it. Containing mineral electrolytes, we think of this as Gatorade for your skin. It comes in a gym bag friendly tube, and is water-based for the instantly calm, cooling feeling your face craves post-workout. Choose a golden shade to cut red immediately, though all shades will give you light, moisturizing coverage so you look fresh, dewy and more even. This is easy to apply evenly with your fingers (just please, wash them first), so it’s a perfect gym/beach/diaper bag addition. It even has SPF and is, of course, non-comedogenic as well.

Speaking of color, lips will often get dry and pale after a workout. The right shade of Gen Nude® lipstick can bring back a healthy look without looking overdone, and all formulas are moisturizing—yes, even the Matte Liquid Lipcolor!

How do I control post-workout oil?

bareMinerals Mineral Veil Translucent Finishing Powder

If your post-workout “glow” is more like just very greasy, then it’s time for Mineral Veil®. The translucent finishing powder does more than just set makeup—it’s a multitasking wonder. This loose mineral powder is great at absorbing oil when buffed over makeup or on bare skin, and you can even use it as dry shampoo in a pinch.

How do I fake a post-workout glow?

bareMinerals Invisible Glow Baked Mineral Powder Highlighter

So you put in the work, you feel amazing and now you know how to control your crazy redness. But how do you achieve that radiant I-just-worked-out glow that convinced you to buy those fancy yoga pants in the first place? No, models generally don’t do yoga before a shoot—they wear highlighter. Invisible Glow is our baked powder highlighter that’s so finely milled it can be brushed over any foundation for a super subtle sheen. Kind of like you just worked out—minus all that effort.

Share the Bare: Top Picks (+Tricks) for Mothers + Daughters to Try Together


Make it a beautiful Mother's Day with bareMinerals makeovers (and breakfast in bed)!

The best thing about a mother-daughter relationship is sharing: experiences, wisdom and, obviously, beauty products. But we know it isn’t easy to buy makeup for someone else. Even us pros won’t judge you for wondering if she’s Neutral Dark or Warm Deep, no matter how close you are. That’s why we’re inviting you to visit a bareMinerals boutique on Mother’s Day weekend to get free make-unders together (and, with your $75 purchase, three free eyeshadows—enough to go around!).

So what should you look out for? We’ve selected a few products that we think you’ll both love, with tips on how you should each use them to best target your individual beauty needs and styles.

Why You’ll Both Love It
Salicylic acid has earned a stellar reputation for combatting acne. Why? Because it’s like a gentle, super effective declogger for pores, which is a service we can all benefit from, at any age. Buy one bottle to share (for now)—we’re pretty sure you’ll both fall in love.
Tips for Mom
Skip the harsh scrubs—just apply this fabulous exfoliator every morning on your T-zone, or wherever your pores look enlarged, to smooth your skin and keep those pores in check.
Tips for Daughter
Consider this serum your partner in crisis management. Rescue your skin from the stresses of life – and the stress of a monster breakout on the worst possible day – by spot treating as needed, including overnight.

Why You’ll Both Love It
Here’s a secret: we actually developed this as a moisturizer, but so many people loved the sheer coverage that we now recommend it as a one-stop-two-second-SPF-30 complexion wizard (that’s obviously super hydrating too).
Tips for Mom
We get it: you’re busy, you’re working, you’ve got kids to love (and worry about). This is your instant glow for any time you don’t have a second to spare. It’s a primer, foundation and hydrator all in one so you can get on with life. Oh, and it has SPF 30 because preventing more sun damage is key—even when you’re in a hurry.
Plays Well With… Original Foundation
For a big day in the office, date night, her graduation: add the buildable medium-to-full coverage of our Original loose mineral powder foundation, using Complexion Rescue as your primer for super smooth application over fine lines. Original Foundation has only 5 mineral ingredients so you’ll have a little more polish, without looking cakey or overdone.
Tips for Daughter
We know your natural, no-makeup look has to leave you poreless and flawless, and Complexion Rescue can help with that in a flash. Wake up, throw this on and look fresh heading out the door. Plus, it’s got SPF because prevention is key to a gorgeous face later in life.
Plays Well With… barePro® Performance Wear Powder Foundation
Go from class to a night out by using Complexion Rescue to prime before applying this hardworking pressed foundation that won’t clog pores or cause acne, but will leave you flawless and photo-ready.

Why You’ll Both Love Them
Raise your hand if you want a gorgeous, luminous glow.
Tips for Mom
You understand the value of SPF—and a little color. That’s where bronzer comes in. This ultra-fine baked powder means a super natural looking tan is super easy to achieve. As for the highlighter, ask your daughter how to use this one because she’s definitely on to something.
Tips for Daughter
Highlighting is one of our favorite trends and it’s definitely sticking around, so invest in a baked formula that is more break-proof than a traditional compact. We love these two together because they can do everything: double as eyeshadow, gently contour and, of course, give you an instant tan and a gorgeous, eye-catching glow.

Happy shopping – and sharing – we can’t wait to see you! Find a Boutique.

Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag – Part II


This is Part II in our Spring Cleaning series. If you’re just catching up, be sure to check out Part I where we teach you to Marie Kondo your makeup bag.

So you’ve gone through and ditched your expired, passé and impossible makeup, leaving just the most beautiful goodness. Feeling better? We sure are. But your spring cleaning work isn’t quite finished. Today we’re here to tackle maintenance: how to take care of the beauties that were worth holding on to, ensuring the best results, and a clean, happy face. You do know to clean your makeup brushes regularly, right…?

One of the reasons we love love love (and strongly advocate) using brushes is that it’s more hygienic than dipping your fingers directly into a product over and over again. But that’s only if you’re cleaning those brushes on a regular basis. We’d recommend a shampooing every 1-4 weeks, depending how often you use the brush.
How to Shampoo a Makeup Brush
You should wash a brush like you wash your hair: soak the fibers first, then lather it in a mild shampoo and rinse, pointing the brush downward and keeping all the bristles in one direction so the pigment runs out and the fibers don’t tangle.
To dry your makeup brush, press the water out, reshape it and lay it off the edge of your sink or on a towel so it regains its natural shape. Visual learner? Check out the video of this technique on our Brushes page.
Can you use dish soap to wash a makeup brush?
Nope—you wouldn’t get that stuff near your own hair, so please keep it off your brushes too.
Can you use facial cleanser to wash a makeup brush?
Sure, if it’s good at removing the makeup from your face. If you use a very mild cleanser post-face wipe (or three), it’s not a good choice. A good brush shampoo lathers well and is only lightly conditioning, so if you love our PURE PLUSH or BLEMISH REMEDY cleansers, go for it. On the other hand, OIL OBSESSED (which is amazing at removing makeup) shouldn’t be used on your tools—it contains moisturizing essential oils that are so great for your face, not so great for your brushes.
Daily Cleaning Tips
If you’re a fan of the smoky eye or have been working on your contouring skills, you probably learned this one the hard way: you should clean a brush every time you use it for a new color. Those gorgeous shades become grey if you mix them together, so be sure to use a quick change brush cleaner between every shade: spray a tissue until it is slightly damp and rub it lightly into the bristles—you should never spray a brush directly. If you find yourself smashing the brush into your damp tissue, it’s time for a good old brush shampooing (see above).
What Not to Do
Please don’t soak your brushes (if you want them to last). We recommend pointing the brush downward when you rinse it to keep water from penetrating and disintegrating the glue that’s holding that baby together.

Your favorite makeup gets you through dream-job interviews, terrible dates, unexpected breakouts… time to give it a little TLC in return.
Caring for Loose Mineral Makeup
Our minerals need to stay dry to last, but we know that swirling in the cap can cause discoloration over time. Get that pristine, fresh-from-the-box look by wiping the inside of the cap (NEVER the top of pot) with a tissue spritzed with alcohol. Rubbing alcohol works well—make sure it’s over 70% alcohol to disinfect as you clean, and wait until it dries fully before closing the product.
Caring for Compact Powders
Keep. Them. Dry. This is absolutely key, but if you notice your compact has changed color, you spill a different product on it, or otherwise feel compelled to clean, spritz a tissue with alcohol and remove the upper film to uncover new product.
Caring for Eye + Lip Liners
Keeping pencils sharp prevents them from falling apart. But when you fish out your sharpener, only sharpen the pencil tip to about 90%. Otherwise, yup, you’re back to increasing the chance the tip will break off. If this sounds weirdly high-maintenance, don’t worry—if you apply your liner by gliding it at an angle, you’ll naturally maintain a gentle point. Just sharpen a little bit when you need to expose more product—which sounds/is way more manageable.
Caring for Creams
Wet products tend to expire faster, and the best way to slow this progress is to screw the cap on fully after every single use (no matter how late you are).
What Not to Do
Cleansing wipes can take makeup off your face, but you don’t want to use them on your beauty products. Not only are they very wet (without the fast evaporating quality of alcohol), but they contain humectants for retaining moisture, and you certainly don’t need to moisturize your makeup.

Happy cleaning!