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Between digital devices, after-school activities, long work hours and everyday chores, it can be tough to carve out family time. But quality time is important for kids and parents. So pick a night, round up the kiddos and choose an activity for an unforgettable night at home.

Lights, camera, action
Turn your kitchen into a TV show set and pretend you’re on air. Either narrate and model your ingredients while making your favorite recipes, or have two family members engage in a friendly cooking competition.

Popcorn anyone?
Pick a family-friendly flick and have a movie night. Use cardboard boxes and Monopoly money to build a faux concession stand.

Show off your skills
Belt out your best song or show off your juggling skills with a talent show. Designate a space as your stage and appoint someone as MC.

Climb that family tree
Go through an old photo album and identify family members. Begin a family tree and put faces to names. Sleuth online for historic events that happened during their lives and talk about how the world has changed since.

Feelin’ crafty?
Get your creative juices flowing with a craft night. Decorate anything from birdhouses, holiday ornaments, aprons, coffee mugs….the list goes on and on.

Capture the moment
Create a time capsule and find a safe place to keep it. Think about your favorite things and what you’d be surprised to find years down the road when you open it. Bonus points for including a home movie from the night the capsule was created.

Play it cool
Stretch your mind with board games, puzzles and trivia, or take turns reading your favorite books and poems to one another.

Learn something together
Hop on YouTube and watch a tutorial on something you’ve always wanted to know: nautical rope knots; intricate flower wreaths; how to change a bike tire. Learn as a family and practice together.

Photography by Susannah M.