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Easy Tips to Extend Your Faux Glow


Summer may officially come to a close on September 22, but that doesn’t mean the good times (or your sun-kissed glow) need to end. In the spirit of extending summer fun, we’ve created a fool-proof guide to rocking a natural tan all year long.

Sunless pros know there are three important factors in determining the best tan in a bottle: scent, how quickly it dries, and how easy it is to apply. Enter our Faux Tan Body Sunless Tanner, a delightful-smelling, fast-drying, effortlessly easy formula.

Just like applying makeup, a flawless faux tan application starts with a perfectly primed canvas. Begin by gently exfoliating in the shower (a loofah works great).

Before you apply Faux Tan, your skin should be hydrated but not wet, so dry off thoroughly and apply lotion. Sunless tanner will soak into dry spots, so pay special attention to areas like your knees and elbows and use a little extra lotion to avoid uneven streaks. Pro tip: apply lotion under your fingernails as an extra precaution.

Using plastic gloves is a smart idea, but if you don’t have any available make sure to reapply lotion to your hands during application to prevent staining.

Begin with two pumps of Faux Tan in the palm of your hand (you can always adjust the application amount as necessary).

Start with the larger, smoother areas of your body, such as your legs. Apply the lotion in circular motions and carefully blend away from your joints. If you begin with the calf of your leg, start in the center and blend lightly down toward your ankle and up toward your knee. Very lightly blend over the top of your foot and across your kneecap.

We recommend applying to small, manageable sections at a time, so once you’re done with your calf you can move up to your thigh. Again, start at the middle of your thigh and gently blend down toward your knee and up toward your hip.

After your legs, move on to the rest of your body. Don’t forget to go all the way around your legs and arms, plus your back and lightly up your neck for an even, full-body glow.

Faux Tan dries quickly but make sure you’re 100% dry before putting on clothes. Dark, loose clothing and flip flops are recommended for the first few hours to avoid streaks and stains. To maintain your gorgeous glow apply 2-3 times per week.

Photography by Candice O.