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You’ve hit the snooze button one too many times on your alarm clock, and leap out of bed realizing you only have 5 minutes to put on your makeup. Gasp. No worries, here are a few quick tips to get you out the door:

1. Buff it on
Use a foundation that can be buffed on quickly and smoothly. We recommend bareSkin® Foundation with the Perfecting Face Brush.

2. Take cover
Next apply some concealer with your ring finger and dab it under your eyes and on any blemish.

3. Lock it in
Every great foundation deserves a flawless finishing act, right? bareSkin Perfecting Veil absorbs excess oil and balances skin texture (and will help keep everything in place).

4. Get those brows on
Brows can frame your face, so work on getting these nice and full (unless you’re blessed with naturally thick brows). With light strokes, fill it in with a powder of your choice.

5. A few strokes of mascara
You may not have time for perfectly lined eyes, but a little bit of mascara can go a long way. Apply two coats for the ultimate finish.

Bonus: get some color on your lips
If you have a few extra seconds and some lipstick nearby, add a little bit of color to your lips so you feel awake.