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We don’t really know how to break it to you, but if you’re not using MINERAL VEIL Powder, you’re making a terrible mistake. OK, OK that’s a little harsh. We just can’t overstate what a game-changer this is. Here, we’ll let our community explain:

“This sets my makeup better than any other translucent powder I’ve tried.” – SMcCee

“I have used loose finishing powder for more than 30 years. This is the best.” – sarahmb

“You just can’t improve on something that is perfect. It really gives my face that air-brushed look. For someone who is 70, that’s saying a lot.” – Louie

“You see a lot of ‘veils’ out there, hoping to copy MINERAL VEIL but no one comes close.” – Mouse

“It is magic!!” – Floridagirl007

What Is MINERAL VEIL Powder?

Alright, what exactly is this magic, you may be wondering. In short, it’s a translucent mineral powder that can be used as a setting powder and/or a finishing powder, as part of any makeup (or no-makeup) routine. It’s the loose powder version that came first and became a cult-favorite, and after many years of community requests, we’ve perfected a pressed compact in shades for all skin tones that has the same qualities as the loose — while actually improving your skin, too.

The Difference Between Setting Powder & Finishing Powder

Most people use the names setting powder and finishing powder interchangeably, but they are distinct products that can even work well together — it just depends on what you’re looking for. A setting powder is applied after your foundation and before your makeup and its purpose is to absorb excess oil. Finishing powder is meant to be applied after your makeup and its purpose is to lock your foundation in place while providing a subtle blur of pores, wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin texture. The good news about MINERAL VEIL Powder? You can use it both ways.

When to Use a Finishing Powder

Ideal for occasions where you’ll be photographed a lot (but also pretty perfect for everyday wear), finishing powder is a weightless miracle that will give your complexion a lasting soft-focus finish. Think of it as your top coat — you could skip it, but would the manicure even be worth it?

Can You Use Mineral Powder Over Liquid Foundation?

Yes! You can absolutely layer mineral finishing powder over liquid foundation or powder foundation. Just wait until your foundation has fully dried for the best results.

Meet the 6 Types of MINERAL VEIL Powder

Mineral Veil Finishing Powder on loose powder

MINERAL VEIL Finishing Powder

What it is: Our cult-favorite, forever best-selling translucent loose powder that’s made with just 5 ingredients.

Who it’s for: Anyone who is looking to lock makeup in place, absorb excess oil, minimize the appearance of pores, and generally create an airbrushed, IRL-filter look.

Our community says: “It helps to give your face the ‘natural makeup’ look. I don’t know how else to describe it except that it just makes everything look soft and blended.” – Mystic13

Mineral Veil Finishing Powder with SPF on the beach

MINERAL VEIL Finishing Powder SPF 25

What it is: The same magic as original MINERAL VEIL Powder, plus mineral-based broad spectrum SPF 25.

Who it’s for: Looking for non-chemical sun protection that can be layered over makeup? This is your pick. It also gives the perfecting and makeup-setting benefits of the original.

Our community says: “The SPF really works, as I was out in the sun and expected to be burned … but my face escaped unscathed! It also truly sets the base powder and helps it last all day.” – rayofsunshine

Mineral Veil Hydrating Finishing Powder with water droplets

MINERAL VEIL Hydrating Finishing Powder

What it is: A cooling, gently moisturizing reformulation of the original, with all the setting and blurring benefits.

Who it’s for: Those with normal to dry skin. If you’ve ever found other powders to be drying, this one’s for you (and it won’t disappoint!).

Our community says: “I absolutely love the Hydrating MINERAL VEIL. I was a little skeptical at first, since I have dry patches of skin and thought the powder would make it even more noticeable. Boy was I wrong!” – Anonymous

Mineral Veil Illuminating Finishing Powder

MINERAL VEIL Illuminating Finishing Powder

What it is: We added a tiny bit of glitter-free shimmer (it’s actually light-reflecting pearls!) to our original formula for a radiant glow. A little goes a long way, or layer it on to use as a highlighter.

Who it’s for: Most translucent powders give a natural-matte or full matte finish. If you want a luminous, almost dewy looking finish, this is your new holy grail.

Our community says: “I have both original and Illuminating MINERAL VEILS. I LOVE them both, but I think the illuminating version is something special. It makes my face look dewy, fresh and flawless. I also use it as a highlighter and WOW is it beautiful!” – Whim

Mineral Veil Tinted Finishing Powder in shadow

MINERAL VEIL Tinted Finishing Powder

What it is: Setting and blurring plus the perfect gentle hint of color.

Who it’s for: Anyone looking for bit of warmth. Blends to perfection on deeper skin tones, and adds a touch of color on lighter ones during the summer months.

Our community says: “I am a Warm Deep Matte and this disappears into my skin, just wonderful!” – Lovelywarmdeep

ORIGINAL MINERAL VEIL Pressed Setting Powder

What it is: A skin-improving, pressed version of our ORIGINAL MINERAL VEIL Powder that’s proven to reduce the look of pores over time.*

Who it’s for: Do you travel? Leave the house and need an occasional touch-up? Just prefer a pressed format? Well, this one’s for you. It even comes with a puff applicator.

Our community says: “I loved how weightless it was. I felt like it covered up all of the pores that were still showing and made my makeup last all day. It literally made my skin look perfect! I love how it’s translucent so I can use it later on in the day to reapply and absorb excess oil if needed. Love bareMinerals since it’s a clean beauty brand too. This product is vegan and talc free. It’s amazing that a clean product works so well.” – brittneyc

*Based on a 4-week study of 40 people.