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Quality Time: 7 Fun Activities to Get All Your Friends Together


Let’s face it. We’re all busy with work, school, family, life. Scheduling quality girlfriend time is tough (but so very necessary). With National Girlfriends Day today, we’ve got an excuse to take the day (or weekend) to spend with our BFFs. Here are just a few fun ideas to try:

Take a Workout Class Together

Girlfriends who workout together, stay together. Plus we’re pretty sure that laughing while doing crunches gives you killer abs.

Crafts + Cocktails

Pick a craft (watercolor paintingDIY Shibori, or DIY body scrubs) and some summer-themed cocktails, and you have a party worthy of you and your bests.

Try a Movie and Potluck

On the mellow end of the spectrum, a movie (make that a movie marathon) with your favorite girlfriends is the perfect laid back way to bond. Add in some sweet and salty, and it could just be the best night ever.

Take a Trip to the Local Flea Market

Finding treasure as a kid is fun, but as an adult it can be downright exhilarating. Grab a friend and go to the flea market to score some finds. You need a second opinion on that retro jacket, plus a good girlfriend can justify your purchases.

Get Out(side)

Nothing clears the mind more than going for a leisurely stroll or a rigorous hike. Sometimes the best conversations happen when you’re walking side by side, simple as that.

Coffee, Tea, or Us?

If you have work to do but still want to hang out with your friends, head over to your local coffee shop and get work done together. It’s not only motivating, but also allows you to bounce ideas off each other (and share pastries).

Make It a Monthly Thing

Girlfriend dates shouldn’t just be for National Girlfriends Day. Make it a monthly event where each of your girlfriends take turns to plan an activity. It can be as simple as grabbing lunch, or as big as a road trip (or a full-blown tropical vacation. Hey, a girl can dream).

(photo by Candice Onodi)