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Hailey Bieber and Kelia Moniz Test Their Friendship with the BFF Quiz


You know Hailey Bieber as our Clean Beauty Ambassador, but you might not be familiar with her best friend, Kelia Moniz. The professional surfer has been in Bieber’s life since they met as kids in New Jersey — or New York — depending who you ask. They recently sat down to take the bareMinerals BFF quiz to see just how much they know about each other. Spoiler alert: aside from a slight geographical mix-up, they passed with flying colors.

The game works like this: each was given a dry-erase board and asked questions about each other (like “What’s her favorite snack?”). Then they wrote down their best guesses, and revealed their answers to check. (One of those answers? Hot Cheetos.)

Though these two certainly have their differences (Hailey loves a red lip while Kelia prefers no lipstick at all), they see eye to eye on the important stuff, clean beauty being one such topic. When asked to describe bareMinerals in three words, both Hailey and Kelia wrote the word “clean.” “You know it’s real when ‘clean’ is on both,” Hailey laughs. Each of them also noted loyalty as one of their BFF’s best qualities, which may explain a bit of their adorable bond.

Watch the full video here to see the game in action:

Want to try this game with your own BFF? Here are all the questions from the bareMinerals BFF Game so you can play it with your bestie.

Describe each other using an emoji.
What’s her/his favorite snack?
What’s her/his hidden talent?
Who was her/his teen crush?
Who is her/his style icon?
What’s her/his beverage of choice?
What’s her/his skincare essential?
Where did you meet?
What’s her/his favorite lip color?
What’s her/his best feature?
What are her/his best qualities as a friend?
Describe bareMinerals in 3 words.