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So many Halloween costume ideas, so little time. If you’re like many of us, you totally spaced on getting that costume for Halloween this weekend (yes, THIS weekend). We’d never leave you hanging. Just apply your fave foundation and follow these easy steps and you’re ready to go:

STEP 1: Line lower and upper lash line with Round the Clock Intense Cream-Glide Eyeliner in 5 AM.

STEP 2: Buff North from our bareMinerals READY® Eyeshadow The Good Life over entire lid, into crease, inner corners and under eyes.


STEP 3: Use North as a highlighter over entire face. Think cheekbones, bridge of nose, etc.

STEP 4: Buff Priceless from our bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow The Good Life in crease, moving up toward brows.


STEP 5: Create doll-like lashes under lower lash line using Round the Clock Intense Cream-Glide Eyeliner in Midnight.


STEP 6: Add some dramatic side lashes by creating a winged line with Round the Clock Intense Cream-Glide Eyeliner in Midnight.


STEP 7: Apply Stroke of Light Eye Brightener (with a mascara wand) to eyebrows.

STEP 8: Swipe thick coats of Lash Domination® Volumizing Mascara to upper and lower lashes.

STEP 9: Use Marvelous Moxie® Lipstick in Risk it All to create smaller, doll-shaped lips.


STEP 10: Finish by applying Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Risk it All to apples of cheeks.


You’re such a doll. Now, throw on a cute dress you have in your closet. Halloween, here you come. #HalloweenMakeup