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Secret Talent: Hand It To Henna


From chart-topping singing skills to museum-worthy artistic talents, bareMinerals HQ is filled with gorgeous talent. Meet Sarah A., Global Production Artist. When she’s not busy designing beautiful things for our boutiques, she’s creating henna masterpieces on her friends and co-workers. Get to know her (and her henna talent) a little bit better. Plus, check out her gorgeous Instagram feed.


What inspired you to work with henna?
I saw it in a magazine when I was 13 and had to find out everything about it.

Other then henna, what’s your favorite pastime?
Being in Hawaii. That’s not a pastime, but it should be.

What’s your favorite part of working at bareMinerals?
The relaxed environment and awesome people. We’re a fun group.

What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?
Mascara. Always mascara.


What makes you feel beautiful?
Well I was lookin’ at my fierce guns in the mirror but they are a little squishy these days, but they are still quite fierce. So I guess it’s still that.

Favorite henna design you’ve ever created?
The San Francisco Giants logo with baseball stitching on my hand to root for them before the last game of the world series. And of course they totally won—it was 2014.

Who is the one person you’d love to draw henna on?
My celebrity crush, Hugh Jackman (but only as Wolverine). I guess I could give him some sort of symbolic design. Or a heart with my name on it because we would be in lovesies.

Where do you see the future of henna?
Henna is going to save the earth. Yeah, that’s it. I plan to just keep practicing and doing it on the side, maybe as part of events or fundraisers for environmental causes. I have an idea of giving free henna to anyone who brings me 10 pieces of litter from the beach. I must have been put on this earth to help save it, so however I can incorporate creative passions with that…why not mix henna into that?