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How to Pull Off the New Statement Lip Look


If you’re wondering how to apply dark lipstick or how to balance a bold lip, you’ve come to the right place. Sure, we at bare talk a lot about the natural makeup look, but we just launched the Statement Lip line because everyone likes to mix things up. Plus, for some bare beauties, big, loud color feels really natural.

Statement Lip is still totally us: it’s got moisturizing ingredients and long lasting mineral color. And we used all of our knowledge as the complexion experts to make easy-to-wear colors that are suitable for all skin tones. So if you’ve tried a bold lip and felt like it wasn’t “working,” Statement Lip is for you. Plus, we’re about to drop so much knowledge on how to actually pull off the boldest, most confident lip looks.

How to Apply Bold Lipstick

Statement Under Over Lip Liner in 100%

Meet Under Over Lip Liner. This creamy pencil is your secret weapon when applying bold lipstick. You can use this either under lipstick and liquid lipcolor to prime the lips, or over to define them. Priming all over the lip will help extend the wear of your favorite lipcolor and is great for boosting the glossy look of a lipstick, especially on deep skin tones. Line on top of your lipstick if you need to clean up the edges or want to make your lips more symmetrical (though asymmetry can also be beautiful—just look at your brows).

Want to go wild? The blendable pencil can also be used to create a modern ombré lip effect, where you apply one color at the center of the lip and a similar shade at the outside, then blend with…

bareMinerals Perfect Fill Double Ended Lip Brush

The Double-Ended Perfect Fill Lip Brush. Your other key tool. This brush is amazing if you have small lips, if you want to blend your own custom shades, or if you love your lipstick so much you need to dig out the color from the tube while you wait for a new one to come in the mail (we hate waste but we do offer rush shipping—just saying).

How to Balance a Bold Lip Look

If you’re new to statement lipcolor, think of it as your most dramatic pair of earrings. Chances are they’re way too much for leggings, but look ah-mazing with a jumpsuit or gown. Lipstick is an accessory that instantly elevates your look, but if you’re all about Gen Nude you may not be used to focus on your lips—which will happen if there’s nothing on top to balance out bold color.

Balance Your Lipstick with Eyeliner and Eyeshadow

bareMinerals lip and liner face chartFeaturing Statement Matte Liquid Lipcolor in VIP

Adding eyeliner to your usual look, switching from pencil to liquid and creating a more dramatic cat eye are three ways you can bring the focus up to create a more balanced look. Eyeshadow can also do the trick—start with a neutral smoky eye, or complimentary colors. An extremely cool lip, like Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Luxe, will look best with cool eyeshadow shades. On the other hand, extremely warm lipstick, like Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Fire, won’t work with blue eyeshadow unless you’re creating a very editorial look.

Balance Your Lipstick with Bold Brows

bareMinerals bold brow and lip face chartFeaturing Statement Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Devious

If you don’t want to mess with your eye routine, you can still pull off Statement Lip. Amping up your brows creates balance without adding more color.

Balance Your Lipstick with Bright Cheeks

bareMinerals bold lip and cheek face chartFeaturing Statement Luxe-Shine Lipstick in Alpha

This idea relies on a little something called color harmony. If you “match” your lipstick and blush colors, your face will look harmonious. Golden Gate and Vintage Peach are warm blush shades perfect for peach, coral or orange lipcolors. If you prefer a cool purple lip or a red with blue undertones, try Hint instead. Beauty is a good neutral pink, if your lipstick has neutral undertones. The richer your skintone, the more saturated your cheek color can go, so don’t be afraid to layer on that color.

For more Statement Lip ideas, check out Refinery29’s story on bright and bold lipstick inspiration, and check out our post on how to pick the right lip shade.