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Inside the Launch: The Power of Good Fund


We could not be more excited to announce that beginning in 2019, we’ll be donating 1% of sales from bareMinerals boutiques and bareMinerals.com to charities that champion women’s education, entrepreneurialism and mentorship via the newly-established bareMinerals Power of Good Fund. Plus, we’ll dedicate 1% of our employees’ time to volunteerism.

Jill Scalamandre, Jenny Halpern Prince and Nikki DeRoest

Last week we flew to London to share this news with our community of global beauty editors, experts and influencers, including our brand ambassadors Hailey Baldwin, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Nikki DeRoest. The day kicked off at the Ham Yard Hotel with Jill Scalamandre, President, bareMinerals, announcing the Power of Good Fund and speaking with Nikki and Jenny Halpern Prince, founder of Access Aspiration, about the importance of mentorship and having strong female role models — something that is often lacking for young women, and is one of the new pillars of the fund.

Attendees then broke into speed mentoring sessions where they met with young women from Access Aspiration, a London-based charity that provides 16- to 24-year-old students with new skills and career networks in an effort to increase social mobility, improve employability and remove barriers to higher education. Needless to say, it was a memorable afternoon of learning, sharing and creating powerful, lasting connections.

For day 2, we escaped to the countryside — Oxfordshire’s Soho Farmhouse, to be precise — for our first-ever global wellness retreat, featuring a clean beauty masterclass with Rosie and Nikki. Guests had time to get outside enjoy the landscape before a closing dinner in a large barn covered in lights.

bareMinerals Ambassadors Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Hailey Baldwin

The intimate dinner featured a welcome speech from Rosie, more on the bareMinerals Power of Good brand platform from Marc Rey, CEO, Shiseido Americas & Shiseido Group Chief Growth Officer, and, of course, a beautiful dinner featuring fresh, clean ingredients from the farm.

Learn more about the Power of Good and our clean beauty philosophy

Mom Was Right! Advice From Women We Love


At one point or another, we all receive a piece of unforgettable advice from one of the amazing women in our lives. It’s the kind of life-altering guidance, big or small, that allows us to grow and better ourselves: from the one thing we should always do before leaving the house to the secret way to save our hearts from being broken. So, in celebration of Mother’s Day, our team shared the memorable lessons they still live by, today and every day.

Alessio Rossi, General Manager, US

“Her best advice has been to keep going, stay positive and if you can’t get it right now, it will get better next time!”

Amanda Coombs, Associate Project Manager, International, Creative Services

“My mom taught me not to overlook the grocery store when searching for beauty and wellness products. She buys Vitamin C powder to lighten dark spots, adds Jell-O powder to face masks for an extra boost of collagen, and eats ginger to reduce inflammation and promote joint health. It’s a great way to save money and avoid the added chemicals in some beauty products.”

Angela Reasoner, Executive Sales and Education Manager

“Handing a $5 bill to a homeless man in St. Paul, MN my mother told me, ‘You never know where people are. My job is to give, not to judge.’”

Angelica DelPriore, Senior Vice President, Global Creative

“Throughout my life and always when I am extra busy (which is always — my nickname from my childhood friends is ADP, Always Doing Projects) or starting something new, my mother would always say to me, ‘Fa cose buone.’ Translation: do good things.”

Carly Giglio, Global Artist & Learning Design Manager, Color & Artistry

“My mom always told me… ‘Never be afraid to look them in the eye and give a firm handshake.’”

Cathi Castillo, Spa Director East

“My mother would constantly say, ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ It’s something I think about every day.”

Chanel Holcombe, Executive Assistant

“My grandmother Lillian’s advice to me from the very beginning was to travel before I settled down as a wife or mother. She always said it’s important to find what makes YOU happy, with or without the contributions of others. This way your experience can only be strengthened in numbers.”

Chhaya Govind, Executive Sales & Education Manager

“My mother Savita taught me to always know the difference between beauty and character. Beauty will catch your attention but character will catch your heart.”

Dawn Hobbs, Regional Sales and Education Executive, Southern CA

“My mom Linda taught me to try clothes on, even if they looked bad on the hanger. This is so true because it might look good on you.”

Diana Paccione, Vice President, Spa and Independent Accounts

“My mother Margaret taught me to look good, but to be an even better person.”

Elsa Cho, Key Account Manager, Sephora & SiJCP

“My mom Laura would say, ‘Go read a book.’”

Emmie Salaj, Senior Vice President, International Business Development & Global Education

“My mother Fatima taught me that a woman should never financially rely on a man. Instead work hard and always be in a position to choose one.”

Stephanie Huszar, Copy Director

“I’ve been lucky to have some great mentors during my career in the magazine and beauty industries. One of my first bosses — an iconic beauty editor — told me, “If you wouldn’t say it to your smartest friend, don’t write it down.” The other thing she taught me? Never underestimate the confidence-boosting power of a good red lipstick!”

Gina Mohanty, Manager, bare+BEAUTY Outlets

“My mother Sashi has always taught me to be a kind and loving person. Back in 2007, my mother generously, without any hesitation, donated her kidney to my Dad. The fact that a married couple was a match was a miracle in itself. Because of my mom, I was able to have 7 years of time and memories with my dad, until his passing in 2014. Since then, I have become an organ donor, in hopes of being half the person my mother is, and to save a life.”

Jen Anderson, Copywriter, Digital & Social

“When I first started wearing makeup, my mom advised me: ‘Don’t cover up your freckles, because they make you who you are.’ I’ve always taken that to heart, and I love flaunting the freckles my mom passed on to me. She was right. They make me who I am, and I wouldn’t want to ever change that.”

Jilian Firestone, Senior Manager, US Retail Merchandising

“My mom taught me to never leave the house without putting on lipstick. It always pops your look. And that you can do anything as long as you believe in yourself and work for it.”

Jill Scalamandre, President

“My daughter Allegra has taught me so much it’s hard to choose. She has taught me how to be more tolerant and understanding of others, to always put yourself in someone else’s shoes to understand where they are coming from. It is a lesson I have applied to many areas of my life.”

Jill Steinheider, District Manager, Upper Midwest

“Best advice? ‘Own it. You did it … own it. Don’t apologize.’”

Julie Shulman, Packaging Design Director

“With four daughters, my mom’s advice was always, ‘Embrace all your perfect imperfections as the beauty of you.’”

Karen Schneider, Project Manager

“My mom Eleanore always said to treat others as you would like to be treated; that life isn’t always fair, but it’s still pretty amazing; and family comes before everything else.”

Kayla Moffatt, International Visual Merchandising Designer

“My mom Peggy would say, ‘Always be honest and just be yourself.’”

Laura Garratt, Vice President, Global Product Development

“My mom Angela is my hero. She moved to the United States from Italy when she was only 10 years old. She learned English, became an honor student and received a scholarship to college, despite her parents’ preference that she work rather than continue school. She vowed that when she had kids, she would support them through education. She has lived up to her word — always letting my two sisters and I (and now my kids) know that, ‘Sky’s the limit.’”

Letitia Wright, Power of Good Ambassador

“Something my mom has always told me is, ‘Never chase after someone that’s not looking for you,’ if that makes any sense. Don’t get your heart broken chasing after people, things — it doesn’t even have to be a guy. It could be anything … and that really helped me along the way.”

Lina Velasquez, Visual Merchandising Designer

“My mother Mercedes has always been an inspiration in my life, not only for her advice but seeing how strong, hardworking and dedicated she has been, especially as a single mother. Every morning as she dressed me for school back in Colombia she would always tell me, “Estudie, preparese, para que nunca tenga que depender de nadie en la vida y pueda ser independiente.” Translation: Study, educate yourself so you never have to depend on anyone and can be independent in life. She still, until this day, always tells me, ‘Siempre sea noble en la vida’ (always be noble/humble in life and ‘Luche siempre por sus ideales’ (always work for my dreams, and never give up). I never had a father, but my mom for sure made up for it! Cheers to all the super moms in the world!”

Belisa Silva, Executive Director, Global Editor-in-Chief

“I am blessed to have an amazing mother, Rosa, and godmother, Carol, who have both guided me throughout my life. My favorite mom advice is, ‘Never leave the house with wet hair or when there are dirty dishes in your sink.’ Carol’s advice? ‘Don’t be burdened with imaginary timelines. Things happen when they are supposed to.’”

Lisa Sinisgalli, Global Home Shopping Broadcast Director

“My mother Vicki taught me to find something that you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Noel Pan, Quality Specialist

“The best advice my mom Xueping gave me is, ‘A man should be clean, not only on appearance, but also in the mind.’”

Rachelle Hood, Regional Director, East Region/Retail

“My mother Sue taught me what her mother Rose taught her: ‘You feel as good as you look and you perform as good as you feel. It doesn’t take a lot of money to look your best every day.’ I now pass that along to my two daughters!”

Ryan Stephens, Regional Director

“My mother Denise taught me: surround yourself with good people, because you will always become a product of your environment.”

Sarah Walter, Junior Copywriter

“It was never spoken as advice, but my mom never wore makeup (and still doesn’t). Although I now wear and love makeup myself, having grown up not really giving it a thought (and learning by example that it wasn’t a necessity) helped me feel comfortable in my own skin in those trying teenage years.”

Shauna Harwood, Manager, Complexion, Global Brand Marketing

“My mom always told me for softer, shinier, smoother hair apply a cup of mayonnaise to hair and cover with tin foil. Leave on for 20 minutes for amazing results!”

Trish Maher, Executive Sales & Education Manager

“My mother Carmen always said, ‘Make sure you give more than you take, and always be grateful.’”

Victoria DeCicco, Associate Account Manager

“One unique piece of advice my mom always gives me is, ‘Don’t set limits for yourself. Break down barriers.’ She always encourages me to do what makes me happy in life no matter what anyone else will say because there will always be critics. Always strive for greatness.’”

Zoé Belden, Associate Manager, Global Business Intelligence and Analytics.

“My mother Elionne taught me, ‘Keep love in your heart, and always leave the house ready to have your picture taken.’”

Get the (Mineral Makeup) Look: Hailey Bieber’s Vintage Glam


What do you wear to the Met Gala (“the party of the year”) when the theme is camp, that wild celebration of everything over-the-top? For Hailey Bieber, our Clean Beauty Ambassador, the answer was a head-turning custom pink-sequin gown by Alexander Wang, paired with a beauty look that was “vintage Barbie meets sleek and sexy,” according to makeup artist Denika Bedrossian, who dreamed up the look with Hailey and brought it to life with her favorite clean makeup formulas, all from bareMinerals. Here, Denika shares how to get the look, step-by-step.

“We wanted to go with something sexy and mysterious to go with her stunning Alexander Wang gown,” Denika explains. “The vibrant color and shine of the fabric inspired us to go with a modern take on the classic Barbie … we were all happy and excited to work on such an epic look.”

Denika started with COMPLEXION RESCUE Hydrating Foundation Stick for a dewy-skin look. “I lightly buffed it in with the Smoothing Face Brush. I added highlight and natural glow by adding the BAREPRO GLOW Liquid Highlighter in Whimsy. I stippled it in with my ring finger, creating a natural finish. Adding a dusting of ENDLESS GLOW Highlighting Powder in Whimsy gave that extra pop of iridescent pink. I also dusted it on the eyelids for an additional highlight.”

Creating the right definition for the (very) pink carpet was next: “I warmed up the skin and added a slight contour by using ENDLESS SUMMER Bronzer in Warmth,” she says. “I dusted the apples of her cheeks with the Loose Powder Blush in Hint.”

A rich black eyeliner was essential to pull of the entire look. “For Hailey’s sultry eyes, I used LASH DOMINATION Liquid Eyeliner in black to create a dramatic and bold cat eye. I layered it to get an extremely bold pigment. I brought down the liner to the bottom lash line using ROUND THE CLOCK Intense Cream-Glide Eyeliner in the waterline and below the lashes. After layers of mascara on top and bottom, I added a corner lash for drama.”

Denika finished with Hailey’s signature natural lip. “For the perfect pout, I mixed together [shades] Smooch and Infamous in GEN NUDE Matte Liquid Lipstick. This gave a perfect little nude lip to pair with the most stunning dress and such a sexy eye.”

Inside Our Initiative To Support Girls’ Education


Education is far from a given in many places around the world — especially for girls. In fact, according to UNESCO, around 16 million girls worldwide will never learn to read or write in primary school. To help change statistics, bareMinerals has launched The Power of Good Fund by bareMinerals, which will help support three organizations — Girl Rising, Step Up and Grameen America — that are committed to leveling the playing field when it comes to women’s education, mentorship and entrepreneurialism.

To celebrate the launch of our new philanthropic endeavor, bareMinerals and Girl Rising, a non-profit which focuses on changing how girls are valued and educated around the world, hosted an intimate evening at The Wing in NYC, which brought women together to talk about the need for universal education, namely when it comes to underserved young women.

Surrounded by cozy pink couches, flickering tea-light candles, and rainbow-colored bookshelves, Jill Scalamandre, President of bareMinerals, announced the official launch of the fund to a crowd of influencers and Wing members — and introduced her co-host, Kayce Freed Jennings, Senior Producer of Girl Rising.

“We’re celebrating a big moment in the brand’s history,” Jill explained, speaking to the fund as a way for the brand to “help unleash the potential in young women.” The initiative pledges 1% of sales from our boutiques and bareMinerals.com in 2019 to Hopewell Fund*, benefiting the three charities. “If you elevate, invest, and educate young women, you can change the world,” she added. 

Next came a screening of clips from the original Girl Rising film along with their newest film, Brave Girl Rising, a powerful documentary looking at the life of a refugee girl named Nasro, which was also written by poet laureate Warsan Shire. “We hope for it to be the first in a series of films to come out in the next few years,” Kayce explained, before dimming the lights to preview the film.

Following the screening, Scalamandre and Freed Jennings joined Yari Blanco, Senior Manager of Culture & Diversity at The Wing, for a panel discussion on how all women can take action in their communities and around the world. “Any corporation can address education and empower women,” Jill said. At bareMinerals, this takes the form of The Power of Good Fund by bareMinerals and promoting employee volunteerism, and Scalamandre suggested other corporations and individuals can make change through a variety of ways as well: partnerships, branded products, donations and volunteer work.

To wrap the evening, attendees filled backpacks with school supplies for refugee youth to be donated to the IRC. The Crayola colored pencils, glitter binders and Jansport backpacks may have felt nostalgic for some, but each backpack also represented one small change to the future of a refugee’s academic career.

While we came together to celebrate our new philanthropic partnerships, ultimately the evening was about building communities that feel empowered to shape all of our futures. “We want to change the world,” Kayce said. “We want to help create a fairer world for girls, but also a safer, more prosperous world for all of us.”

*Donations will be made on sales, less any returns or discounts, through the end of 2019 and include a minimum contribution of $500,000. Hopewell Fund is a 501(c)(3) public charity that specializes in helping donors, social entrepreneurs, and other changemakers launch new, innovative social change projects.

Empower Women, Change The World

The Power of Good isn’t just a tag line. It’s what we stand for here at bareMinerals. We believe in putting good not just on your skin, but out into the world as well. To that end, we are thrilled to announce the launch of The Power of Good Fund by bareMinerals, a philanthropic initiative deeply rooted in our brand values, which empowers women through education, mentorship and entrepreneurialism. Because we truly believe that if you empower women, you will change the world.

Beginning this month, bareMinerals will support The Power of Good Fund by bareMinerals by donating 1% of sales from our boutiques and bareMinerals.com to Hopewell Fund. Donations will be made on sales, less any returns or discounts, through the end of 2019 and include a minimum contribution of $500,000. Here in our headquarters, we are also doing our part to walk the walk, by encouraging all employees to devote at least 1% of their time each year to the causes that they care about most.

We partnered with three trailblazing organizations — Girl Rising, Step Up and Grameen America — that empower women at different stages of their lives and journeys. Here, a bit more about the three empowerment pillars we are focusing on, and the organizations we’re working with to make a tangible difference:


Because twice as many girls as boys will never start school, we believe it is key that all women — regardless of race, socioeconomic status or country of origin — have access to education. Our partner in education, Girl Rising, is a non-profit that utilizes catalytic storytelling to raise awareness about the barriers that are keeping 130 million girls from classrooms around the world. This organization — which has served more than 1 million students and community members to date — also works with local partners to implement life-altering programming that builds skills and confidence in girls to change attitudes, behaviors and social norms, helping galvanize others to stand up for girls and their education. We are proud to work with them on their mission to expand into five additional countries, reaching another 100,000 students by 2020.


It’s no secret that for women, professional mentors are hard to come by, which makes all the difference when it comes to creating future leaders. According to McKinsey Global Institute, $12 trillion could be added to the global GDP by 2025 by simply advancing women’s equality. To help bring more mentors into the lives of the young women who need them most, Step Up links teenage girls in under-resourced communities to a network of professional women through after-school and mentorship programs. These meaningful relationships cultivate confidence and leadership skills that allow young women to better navigate social, economic and gender barriers. With new support from bareMinerals, Step Up aims to grow and serve over 8,000 girls by 2020.


It may be hard to believe, but women receive only 4% of small business loans from mainstream financial institutions (US Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 2014). To fill the gap, Grameen America provides low-income women with microloans, credit-building and savings programs, financial education and peer support to empower women to establish credit, scale their companies and create prosperity in their communities. By providing the tools to alleviate poverty through entrepreneurialism, Grameen America is changing the world, one woman at a time. Built on a Nobel Prize-winning model, this organization just reached an incredible milestone of investing $1 billion in microloans to over 110,000 women across the U.S.

At bareMinerals, we believe that if you educate, elevate and invest in women, you will change the world. We look forward to starting this important journey, which truly represents The Power of Good.

The Fine Print Starting today, after making a purchase at a bareMinerals boutique or on bareMinerals.com, you will be able to cast a vote for the philanthropic pillar that you feel most passionately about, ultimately driving continued success for these incredible organizations. Your votes will help inform how donations to The Power of Good Fund by bareMinerals at Hopewell Fund are allocated. To ensure all three organizations receive support, bareMinerals has committed donations to each. Through these partnerships and the launch of The Power of Good Fund by bareMinerals, we are proud to help women look good, feel good, and now, do good for themselves and the world around them.