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Letitia Wright on Her Real-Life Superhero & the Importance of Silence


Letitia Wright Hair and Makeup

She’s best known for her role in the Marvel Universe — and for recently jetting off to Cuba for a secret film with Rihanna and Donald Glover (no big deal). But for us, it’s Letitia Wright’s radiant positivity that stands out most. We recently chatted with our Power of Good Ambassador about who has been a force of good in her life, and the spot she loved most for time off in Havana.

What’s one good way to start any day, no matter where you are in the world?

I’d definitely say by praying in the morning, [or] if you want to call it meditating — just being silent. Really gets your mind in the right place before you have to deal with like, the day.

What’s one good habit you’d love to have?

[Laughs] Getting up properly in the morning. Getting up when my alarm actually says — I just can’t seem to get up.

What’s one good song where you know all the lines?

Oh, man. Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Alright.’ I know all the words to that.

What’s one good thing you do when someone around you is having a bad day?

I tend to be silent and listen to them if they want to speak … just be sensitive to how they’re feeling and giving them the chance to speak about it.

What’s one good place you loved when you had time off in Cuba recently?

Ooh I loved this place called [Fábrica de Arte Cubano]. I hope I’m getting it right. It was an art place mixed with food and music. It was a combination of so many things … it was brilliant. Everyone should check it out.

What’s one good read from your last holiday?

I’m really bad at finishing books … I’m reading a book called Translating Gods. And it’s kind of like, just hearing — when God speaks to you and how to know. ‘Cause sometimes you can get the two confused, meaning like, you can confuse your own thoughts and what God is telling you. So just being able to decipher what’s said. That’s a book that I’ve been reading since I’ve been on a holiday.

And where was your last holiday?

My last proper holiday — I think it was Cuba or New York. I’ve been in LA so much, I keep thinking it’s holiday because the weather’s hot.

What’s one good tip you use to get into character and how did you learn it?

Once I’ve done all the research and stuff like that, it’s to stay in the accent. I think that’s just by observing some of the greats that have done it … staying in the accent really, really helps so you don’t struggle to get back into character.

What’s one good makeup tip you’ve learned from being on set so much?

I don’t even know if it’s a good makeup tip. It’s just: when you’re eating with makeup or like falling asleep — just don’t mess it up. That’s such a bad tip! Just don’t mess the thing up because when you’re on set you have to wait around so much, I’ve learned how to sleep in certain positions so I don’t mess my makeup up. That’s a really bad tip, but put it down.

Well, how do you do it? Do you sleep sitting up?

By literally just sleeping straight on your back. Sleep on your back and make sure you’ve got a really good pillow under your head so that you’re sleeping in a position that like, you’re not moving to the left or right. You’re just really, really still so that when they come and call you, your makeup’s not messed up. That’s something I learned just by trial and error.

If you’re having a crazy week, what’s one thing you do for yourself to decompress?

Definitely finding ‘time out’ in the week that’s just for you … when you have so many meetings, and so many things, and everybody’s opinion on this and that, it’s very important to find a day so you can like, unwind.

Letitia Wright in a pink suit

Who has been a force of good in your life and why?

Family and friends, they’re all covered. Because, you know, they’ve just been really supportive. I pride myself on like, picking the right friends as well. And they’ve just been amazing, especially during this time of transition for me … So many people [tell] you things that can really make you feel very big headed. And then my friends are like, ‘You’re just the same, like, just be true to yourself.’ Or my family would be like, you know, ‘Make sure you’re resting and eating and not stressing out.’ So, just having that support has been amazing. My family and my friends have been such a huge force of good for me.

Name one woman from history whose good work inspires you.

Rosa Parks. I didn’t even know that question was going to come, but yeah … she’s been someone that I’ve looked up to since I was a child, you know. Just for her bravery for standing up for what she believed in, and equality — and she didn’t have to do that. She could have conformed but she didn’t and I love her for that.

If you weren’t an actress, could you imagine one good alternate career for yourself?

I guess a Psychiatrist … I’m interested in the brain and behavior … Yeah, I’d do that.

What’s one good story you think of when you need a laugh?

When I was first coming to the UK, when I was really young, we missed the plane and I was really upset … I was just like crying, temper tantrum, saying “I want to go to England” in like, a very strong Guyanese accent. And I really believed that my dreams were shattered. I was only like, seven, and everybody’s like, the way I acted was like I’d been to England before. And then when I got there it was so cold. That kind of reminds me of how far I’ve come, really.

Tell us a good story about makeup.

Okay. I’m not the expert, but I know when it’s done well. And one time I was in a particular place — I can’t say exactly where, but it was a funny location and someone did my makeup and bless her… and it wasn’t right.

And I was really sad about it and it just taught me the importance of knowledge — every makeup artist needs to know about different ethnicities, you know, just diversity in terms of doing makeup. So, even though it made me really sad, it really gave me an education about the fact that everybody who wants to be a makeup artist, especially in this industry, just has to be educated on the fact that there’s different people in the world, there’s different complexions, and we have to adapt to knowing how to do makeup for them.

Because it was difficult. It was a difficult day, but it taught me a big lesson. So, I’m excited that I got to work with you guys, and you guys got to champion me and the way I look. Do you know what I mean? I respect that. I hope that’s a great way of ending the blog interview.