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Letitia Wright on the Power of Good


Letitia is wearing ORIGINAL Foundation in Neutral Deep 29

We’re big fans of Letitia Wright. There is, of course, her acting, but it’s Letitia’s playful energy and commitment to living a life of love and honesty that we find truly inspiring. So we were thrilled to learn that Letitia has long been a fan of bareMinerals — ever since she snuck some from her sister’s makeup stash. We recently sat down with Letitia to talk about what the Power of Good means to her — and why she’s such a fan of clean beauty.

Do you have any morning rituals?

“I start my day very early. I pray and stuff — just try to find a place of peace. Then when I get through my day I sit down and go through all the events of the day and I try to learn: What did I do right? What did I do wrong? Was I rude to someone? I kinda debrief with myself and analyze my character in certain situations so I can start the next day fresh and not make the same mistakes again.

What does the Power of Good mean to you?

The Power of Good represents, to me, positivity, love and honesty. I try to live my life in a way that’s honest and good for others, not just myself. The Power of Good is contributing your talents — the good side of yourself.

You’re passionate about clean beauty. What does it mean to you?

To me, clean beauty means confidence, because you’re confident in what’s in it. Clean beauty means having a product that’s good for your skin, preferably natural, that’s healthy for you — you don’t have to feel like you’re putting on a bunch of stuff that clogs up your pores.

How did you first get introduced to bareMinerals?

My sister loves bareMinerals and she’s the one who first introduced me to it. I noticed that her face was just glowed up all the time, so when she left the house I’d sneak inside and take some bareMinerals powder foundation and I would put it on and literally leave the house feeling confident — not feeling like I had to sit down and do a tutorial of makeup with the concealers and the this and the that. It’s just a beautiful foundation: light, easy to use and you’re off. I put it on in the daytime and come back and night with a glow. My mom uses it — everybody uses it!”

Letitia’s pick? Our cult-favorite ORIGINAL Loose Powder Foundation. Shop the ORIGINAL or use our Foundation Finder to discover your perfect clean foundation.
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This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.