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Meet Long Life Herb, the Nutrient-Packed Plant and Powerful Skincare Ingredient


At bareMinerals, we believe beautiful skin is strong and healthy skin. While eating all your veggies and getting enough sleep definitely help to ensure skin radiates a gorgeous glow, the missing ingredient (no pun intended) lies in using skincare that’s made with naturally derived botanicals and high-performance ingredients, namely one leafy green named Long Life Herb.

Finding this incredible herb was the result of an exhaustive search, which ended with our team packing their bags and jetting off to Okinawa, Japan. Known as the “Island of Long Life,” Okinawa hosts the greatest concentration of people over 100 years old in the world, and is considered one of the world’s Blue Zones, where people don’t just live longer — they’re actually healthier for longer. And it is here, on Okinawa, where we uncovered an herb that local residents swear by as an essential part of their enduring wellness.

Meet Long Life Herb. The name says it all. This resilient herb grows in the island’s harsh climate, which sees extreme variations in rainfall, showing its tenacious ability to thrive. In fact, it is so nutrient-packed that it’s been shown to have a higher vitamin and mineral content than spinach and kale, and it’s part of the everyday diet of Okinawans who refer to it as chomeiso.

So naturally, we wanted to see what this celebrated herb was all about. Encouraged by what we learned from the people of Okinawa, we took it to our labs and developed a proprietary extract that harnessed the mineral- and vitamin-rich properties of Long Life Herb to empower skin. That extract was at the core of our first SKINLONGEVITY serum.

We say “first” because we’re excited to announce that our labs have since discovered how to boost the incredible power of Long Life Herb, and we’ve used this new technology to create new formulas for even more results. Our new and improved SKINLONGEVITY Long Life Herb Serum is clinically proven to strengthen skin’s barrier to help resist visible signs of aging. And we’ve used this same innovation in eye and night treatments for a full regimen of skin-strengthening goodness. And it’s all created with one amazing herb that is sustainably grown from seedling in Okinawa, and harvested by hand to ensure that the environment and culture around this treasured plant are preserved for many years to come.