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The Truth About How Makeup Can Improve Your Skin


Here at bareMinerals, you know that we’re all about skin-nourishing ingredients — but we believe this should apply to both makeup and skincare. Our mineral foundations are formulated to not only provide coverage, but actively work to improve the look of your own skin. It all started with our ORIGINAL Loose Mineral Foundation SPF 15, a breakthrough formula that’s as kind to skin as it is luminous. We’ve since created a wide range of clean, vegan foundations — and recently welcomed a brand-new addition.

ORIGINAL Liquid Foundation is inspired by our iconic loose mineral foundation and made with 88% naturally derived ingredients. This next-generation formula is made with half the ingredients of other liquid foundations* and does not contain silicone, parabens, talc or oil. The best part? It instantly minimizes the look of pores, redness and imperfections, and is proven to improve the look of bare skin in as little as 4 weeks.**

If you’re curious how a foundation can do all that, look no further. We recently sat down with Gail Boye, Senior Vice President of Product Development at bareMinerals, who had an instrumental role in developing ORIGINAL Liquid Foundation. Read on to learn all about makeup that is good for your skin.

How Can Makeup Improve Skin’s Texture?

Aside from providing naturally luminous coverage, ORIGINAL Liquid Foundation is proven to improve skin texture, reduce the look of pores and reduce visible redness. The key to these results, Gail says, is the formula’s hydrating properties. “As soon as you start to really hydrate the skin, all of the woes — the pores, the redness, dryness, flakiness — will be improved. Hydration makes a big improvement in the look of the skin,” she explains.

Hydrated and calm skin also means soft, smooth skin. “Anytime that you’re seeing any sort of interruption in skin texture, it really just goes back to the basics of hydration. Keeping the skin hydrated is sort of the engine that keeps the skin working, and really allows it to function properly.”

What’s the Benefit of Using Naturally Derived Ingredients?

Prickly pear extract and olive-derived squalane help make this foundation so great for skin. “These two really work in harmony,” Gail says. Especially when you’re using so few ingredients, it’s really important that they are compatible. Each of these botanicals plays an active role in the formula.

Prickly pear extract nourishes skin and reduces redness. Despite its name, it’s actually an extremely calming naturally derived ingredient. We did clinical testing on this foundation to ensure that it wasn’t just clean, but also good for your skin. “100% of the panelists said it improves redness and reduces visible pore size,” Gail says.

“The vegan olive-derived squalane allows your skin to stay hydrated long after you remove your makeup. The ingredient “continues to work in simpatico with the skin even after the formula’s removed,” Gail explains. “It works with the skin over time to hydrate it.”

Does Application Matter?

Our recommended technique of applying with your fingers also helps to enhance the foundation’s benefits. When the gels and pigments are warmed by your hands, they are much more yielding to the skin, Gail says, which makes for a smoother and more natural-looking finish. Just make sure you’re always starting with clean, dry hands before you touch your face.

It’s not often you encounter a foundation that makes your skin look good even when you’re not wearing it — that’s what’s so special about ORIGINAL Liquid Foundation. Hydrating ingredients and a thoughtfully crafted formula are what make this our most innovative foundation yet, for your best skin ever. Have you tried it yet?

Our newest vegan foundation is now available to shop in 30 true-to-skin shades — find your match here.

*Based on weighted average of non-colorant ingredients for NPD U.S. top 20 foundations FY19.

**Based on a 4-week U.S. clinical study of 61 subjects.