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Choose Your MINERALIST Lipstick Based on Your Valentine’s Day Plans


Some holidays follow the same traditions and patterns every year. And then there’s Valentine’s Day. It’s a day that looks different for a lot of people, but whether you’re looking for a goodnight kiss or an evening of solace, there’s one thing we know for sure: Valentine’s Day is the perfect night to try out a fun lip color. And where better to look than our MINERALIST Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick Collection?

The collection features 25 shades with names inspired by the healing powers of natural minerals, crystals and gemstones. Each shade name provides you with the power you need for your V-day plans.

So, why MINERALIST Lipstick?

We believe lipstick should be as comfortable as it is gorgeous, and our MINERALIST Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick happens to be the best of both worlds. Not only do you get 2x hydration* and 2x richer color**, but you also don’t have to compromise on clean. MINERALIST Lipstick is made with just 19 good-for-you ingredients (think olive oil and cold pressed fruit oils) — and we left out unnecessary additives, like parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, PEGs and mineral oil.

Your Perfect Shade

From blooming pinks to fresh-picked reds and, of course, earthy nudes, there’s definitely a shade for every preference and every skin tone. With so many shades to choose from, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. No worries, we got you. Whether you’re heading out for a bundled up walk, cozying up at home or wanting an extra dose of inspiration, we’re fairly sure these shades will fit your plans.

Your Valentine’s Day Plans: First Date
Your MINERALIST Lipstick shade of choice: Courage

Behold, the power of a red lipstick. It has the ability to boost your confidence and give you an extra bit of courage when you need it the most. We love the shade Courage because it’s not too orange-y and not too deep. It’s a true, classic red. And it’s best paired with your Valentine’s Day date.

If you’re meeting someone new for a coffee date, going out for drinks or having your friends set you up with a trusted friend, we have a feeling this color is just what you’ll want for the night. The best part about this lip color? It pairs well with almost any eyeshadow, or it can be worn on its own as a pop of color if you’ll be showing off a complexion glowing from lots of time at home mastering a next-level skincare routine.

Your Valentine’s Day Plans: Night in with your S.O.
Your MINERALIST Lipstick shade of choice: Romance

Grabbing takeout from your favorite restaurant? Binging a new series on Netflix? Your plans this year might be tame, but that doesn’t mean you can’t signify that it’s a special night with your significant other.

This blushing peony color is the perfect pink lip color for your date night at home, lounging in something comfortable (but cute!). We think this color was made for a monochromatic pink makeup look — try it with a complementary shade of GEN NUDE Powder Blush.

Your Valentine’s Day Plans: Friend’s Night
Your MINERALIST Lipstick shade of choice: Presence

On this day just as much as every other day of the year, it’s important to cherish time with our closest friends. Whether you call it “Galentine’s Day” or a name of your own creation, the sentiment remains: a holiday with our BFFs is one that’s very well-spent.

To make sure you’re dedicating your full self to the day with your friends, we suggest this antique mauve lipstick. The shade name “presence” will help you stay in the moment and appreciate every second — even if you’re staring at a screen yet again, there’s a loved one on the other side, who has committed time to you. The deep, natural-looking shade looks great with all makeup looks and on all skin tones, so you can buy an extra one as a gift for your best friend.

Your Valentine’s Day Plans: Family dinner
Your MINERALIST Lipstick shade of choice: Memory

Maybe you don’t associate this holiday with romantic love or friendship. If you’re spending the evening with your family, there’s bound to be conversation flowing and fond memories discussed.

This neutral rose is a universally flattering shade that can be worn no matter if your family is more on the casual side or enjoys dressing up. We recommend balancing the look with a strong brow and long lashes — try STRENGTH & LENGTH Serum-Infused Brow Gel and Mascara to achieve both.

Your Valentine’s Day Plans: Quiet night alone
Your MINERALIST Lipstick shade of choice: Purpose

Rather be on your own? You’re not alone — not everyone has plans for Valentine’s Day! But that doesn’t mean you can’t give your day more purpose than the rest of the week.

We say: take out your sketchbook, grab your favorite book, cook up a new recipe or pick up a favorite hobby that’s fallen by the wayside. And while you’re at it, go bold with a cool cranberry lip color.

This shade is somewhere in between a berry and red, and we know it’ll inspire you to spend the evening just the way you want to.

*Based on 1-week clinical & consumer studies with 32 women

**Based on an instrumental study vs. similar lipsticks without olive oil