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Your New Morning Routine, Simplified


The new year means looking ahead and, for many of us, a big question looms: how will it feel to eventually go back out into the world on a daily basis? Whether you’ve missed trying on different outfits and catching up with your barista each morning, or absolutely love rolling out of bed and opening your laptop at 8:59am, a bit of anxiety may creep in. But there are ways to create a new morning routine for getting out the door — without giving up the goodness and calm of being at home. Here’s what our team will be focusing on when the moment comes — including clean beauty picks that are simple, clean and good for your skin.

Starting Slow

Anyone who has traded their usual commute hour for a morning workout livestream or meditation will tell you: the first thing you do sets the tone for your whole day. So, if you’ll be venturing out, start with all things that soothe and calm your mind. A journal can keep your recent introspection going (even if it’s just a sentence or two), and help you express thoughts that arise from your “new normal” — whether it’s excitement or feeling overwhelmed. A cup of tea is a tried-and-true way to begin the morning (sometimes even the coffee maker can feel like a lot to manage…). Family-run Harney & Sons has a wide assortment, whether you prefer a bit of chamomile, a caffeinated black tea or even a green tea for people who “don’t like green tea” (trust us on this one). When it comes to your skin, we recommend keeping things simple with a clean, streamlined routine. Our 2-step PURENESS Skincare Collection is a cleanser and moisturizer pair that’s pure and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin — with only 15 ingredients each.

Improving Over Time

Just because you’re adding a commute back to your day doesn’t mean you have to give up all your new habits. You’ve perfected meal planning so keep shopping to a weekly affair, and you’ll have more time to get to bed early and wake up for a jog, yoga or even a quick bike ride before work. Other ways you can keep up the self-improvement momentum? Learning or practicing new skills, from art to languages (you will travel again someday!). And of course, taking great care of your complexion should stay top of mind. If your skin loved the time off from heavy makeup, listen to it! Our ORIGINAL Loose Powder Foundation is made with just 5 clean ingredients — all natural minerals — and promotes clearer, healthier-looking skin over time.

Keeping it Clean

So, speaking of grocery shopping. We’d venture to guess your lunches have been a little bit fresher and your body’s been feeling better than when you run to the closest café chain between meetings. Keep nourishing yourself with clean ingredients — just set a reminder to do batch cooking over the weekend (bulk quinoa, proteins and blanched veggies can all be prepped in advance) and chop some fresh herbs over your meal before you leave the house in the morning. Reusable containers made from recycled materials are more durable than a plastic zip bag, and some are so cute, you’ll actually look forward to packing them.

Clean ingredients aren’t just for your lunch, though. We can’t wait to swipe on lipstick again for an instant pick-me-up, and will be sticking to new MINERALIST Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick. The vegan formula has half the ingredients of a traditional lipstick. We skipped the unnecessary additives and relied on good-for-skin botanicals like cold-pressed fruit oil and olive to keep things clean. And with shade names like Presence and Confidence, you can pick just what you need to face the day.