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Now that music festival season is finally here, we’re ready to take on the summer-fun weather, all-day dancing, and the mind-blowing music with all the preparation we can get. Here are just a few essentials to pack in your bag:

A hat/visor
The sun will be on you at all times. Get some protection on your head and face to avoid any burns.

An absolute must if you want to keep your skin glowing all year-long. If you want a bit of coverage and protection, take Complexion Rescue with you.

Keep the sun from getting in your eyes as you’re watching (and dancing to) your favorite band.

Hand sanitizer
There will be a bathroom situation, and you will definitely be thankful you had this.

Foldable blanket
If you’re in to chilling out on the grass, this will be your best friend.

Fanny pack
Keep all of your essentials with you in a safe (and unforgettable) way.

Festival top
A printed crop top can keep you stylish (and cool from the heat).

Fitted romper
Festival fashion is at its best with a cute romper.

Cotton shorts
A basic pair of cotton or moisture-wick shorts will help keep the sweat at bay.

Flash tattoos
Gold and silver temporary tattoos give you the perfect pop of style.

Water bottle
Most places don’t let you take in water, but if you have an empty water bottle or a hydration pack, you can fill it up inside.

You’ll be on your feet all day (and possibly, for multiple days). So swap out those “cute” shoes for something practical.

There’s a chance there could be a pool party or a cool off station with water spritzers. Either way, it’s best to be prepared.