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Pets. Our furry family members that love to cuddle and can turn any bad day into a beyond good one. Here at bareMinerals HQ we’re obsessed with our pets so so much. Which is why we’re ALL about celebrating National Pet Day (which is today, by the way). In fact, we should really make it every day. Don’t you think? Here are a few of the faces we get to go home to every night. Lucky us.

Warning: cuteness overload ahead…

scout “Scout is little ball of energy, loves being outside and loves love.”
-Milli W. (Assistant Brand Manager)
baxter “Baxer is the biggest cuddle bug, and when I mean biggest he’s a 65 lb. lap dog.  Every night after dinner he whines (not for food) but to climb up on the couch and cuddle with me.”
-Sheila B. (Merchandise Manager)
AmandaPups “They are the bomb.com. Marcus was adopted off the mean streets of East LA and can handle his own. Toddy is the prince of the house and as we say “if tots ain’t happy, no one is happy.”
-Amanda T. (Director of Global Store Design)
Maxine “We rescued Maxine when she was 6 and she’s 21 years old now. She’s half Siamese, talks all the time and is the heart of our family.”
-Megan W. (Visual Merchandising Manager)
SharisPups  @yoitsroxie
“Roxie absolutely loves everyone and everything. She lives life with so much joy and you can tell she appreciates being adopted by us, but in reality we are the ones that hit the jackpot.”
“Barry is the most stubborn, lovable, hard-headed, ridiculously good-looking, crazy, mellow dog there is. If you want him to come to you, you better have treat in hand.
-Shari F. (Merchandising Specialist)
MonicasPups “AJ & Tinsley’s favorite things are the beach, sleeping in awkward positions and peanut butter.”
-Monica T. (Director of Global Marketing & Product Development)
HeathersPup  “He’s a little monster but you can’t help but fall in love with those little hearts above his eyes!”
-Heather H. (Senior Specialist of Global Marketing & Product Development)

Need more animal love? Check out our fave pets on Instagram:
@itsboodog@lifewithleroy@_unlikelyfriends_, @choppathefrenchie

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