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Did you know today is National Sibling Day? Call your brother or sister. Stat. If you grew up with siblings, chances are you more than likely heard (or said) the following:

-You stole my [insert favorite toy here]
-I’m telling mom/dad about…
-I have the coolest sister/brother

Through all the (sometimes painful) lessons on sharing, the endless hours playing together, our siblings have taught us a lot. So take the time to say thanks to your brother or sister today…or maybe that person that feels like a sibling. Brother from another mother, anyone? Think about what they taught you over all those years and show some sibling love today. Here are a few things our siblings taught us:

“Patience. Lots and lots of patience.” -Christina C. (eCommerce Specialist)

“My siblings taught me to be myself. People will love it.” -AK (Senior Graphic Designer)

“My three older sisters taught me that in life, you don’t always get your way (even if you’re the youngest). But have a good cry, shake it off and move on.” -Britt F. (Senior Copywriter)

“My brother has made me laugh, cry, smile, and even tell little white lies when we were kids.  But above all, he has taught me that spiked hair, no matter what decade, is always, ALWAYS a bad idea.” -Bill H. (Director, Global Marketing & Product Development)

“They taught we what NOT to do (they were the troublemakers…obvi).” -Theresa F. (Senior eCommerce Content Specialist)

“My siblings taught me patience is a virtue that I don’t have.” -Jess S. (Senior Graphic Designer)

“My brother taught me to be creative. Well, he didn’t really. Growing up, I just mimicked lots of things he did.” -Thang D. (Global Artistry & Events Manager)

“I’ve learned how alike we all are…none of us would dare stop eating to pose nicely for a picture.” -May Key L. (Senior Creative Services Manager)

“My siblings have taught me that I am never alone in the world.” -Destiny V. (Assistant Brand Manager, Global Marketing & Product Development)

“How to rock cornrows…well, my sister taught me to flaunt what I got, or at least laugh at the mistakes I’ve made.” -Lauren C. (Project Management Coordinator)

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