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Notice the crisp and clean air warming up a bit? Flowy sundresses on every corner? Yup, it’s spring and we can’t wait to celebrate it with you (like grown-ups). Whether you have an official spring break or just need to take a break and enjoy the sun, here’s how to make the most of it:

Throw a spring-cleaning party
What better way to kick off spring than getting rid of the old to make room for the new? Invite a few friends and bust out your winter impulse purchases (that skirt you’ve been photographed in way too many times) with pieces of jewelry and accessories to exchange.

Try a floral arrangement class
Take advantage of all the flowers this season and learn how to arrange them (in the most elegant way possible, of course). You’ll be the go-to person for arrangements on any upcoming bridal showers, get-togethers or Instagram-worthy spring soirées.

Have a fancy picnic in the park
Sun shining on your face, grass as green as it gets, and an array of scrumptious treats (maybe a charcuterie?). Who could pass up some time to relax at the park when the weather is so gorgeous?

Be a tourist in your own city
Sometimes we take the city we live in for granted. Take a look through the lens of a tourist. Grab a friend, significant other, or your family for a day out to the major historical sites, museums, and landmarks in your town. In San Francisco? We’ve got you covered.

Clean up at the local park/beach/lake
Springtime is the perfect time to volunteer outside and help keep Mother Earth clean, not just for others, but for our local ecosystem. Remove trash from areas that animals have made their home, so we can listen to even more birds chirping outside our windows. 

Hike a trail
Bust out your hiking shoes, because the weather this time of year is oh-so-perfect (not too hot, not too cold) to enjoy that natural beauty you’ve been craving all winter-long.

Try a braided hairstyle
Whether it’s milkmaid, little braids throughout the hair, or braids just at the crown, this is a great time to experiment with braided hairstyles. Try some baby’s breath within the braid to make it extra spring-worthy.

Try yoga with a view
Ever try yoga on the beach? How about in the forest? Or hey, even the backyard? Grab your yoga mat and take it outdoors to enjoy some exercise with some fresh air and a beautiful view. Not into yoga? Try stretching or going for a run to keep your body and mind active and strong.