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Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag – Part I


We’re here today to tackle a neglected (but necessary) Spring Cleaning activity: sorting through your makeup bag. We purge our closets, double mop our floors, cut out French fries and… keep putting expired makeup on our faces? Not OK.

Maybe you’re thinking, My makeup bag is on point, I fly through those products, I’m fine. But what about that drawer with your “backup stuff?” You know, the place you go for wedding makeup, your waterproof mascara for the pool… we’d venture to guess that some of those beauties have seen better days.

Faces get better with age, but your beauty products most certainly do not, and they have legally regulated expiration dates for a very good reason. (And it isn’t so companies can sell you more makeup). Over time all products can change color, texture and consistency—especially products that are good for you, like the ones with added antioxidants, and that lack scary chemical stabilizers. Products can also start to smell. If any of these things happen, toss them immediately.

So how do you know what to expect and how to avoid being wasteful (and when to replace your lipgloss before it turns orange)? Take a product, flip it over and you’re likely to see a little drawing of an open pot and a number, like “6M.” That means that 6 months from the day you opened that product, you should be replacing it.

Now, let’s get started on cleaning up your makeup stash, and we’ll explain how paying attention to those little numbers can keep your body safe.

(Plus, a few suggestions to fill your newfound space).

So you’ve gone through and ditched anything with a funky texture or smell, or that you can’t even remember buying (bravo!). There are two more essential steps to take for a safe beauty drawer:
1) Throw out aging SPF products ASAP.
If you only take one lesson from this guide, let it be this: SPF expires. After about a year, the mineral SPF in our foundations will be less effective, and (going into full PSA mode here) even your non-makeup SPF expires. So please do not slather 6-year-old baby sunscreen on your second child or, you know, yourself.
2) Protect your eyes—they’re delicate.
In general, the highest turnover items in your bag should be the ones you put around your eyes. First off, sharing is not caring when it comes to eyeliners, mascaras, eye brushes and shadows. You’re basically asking for an eye infection, so if you gave your girlfriend a swipe of mascara last night, dump the tube stat. Also, it’s spring, so you’re probably about to whip out last summer’s waterproof mascara. Don’t. Eyelashes may be flirty and gorgeous but evolutionarily, they’re actually present to trap dirt, not a significant other. So… if you’re brushing over your lashes with a wand, returning it to the tube and storing it for a year? Yikes. There’s a reason we recommend a 3-month cycle for mascara auto delivery.

Fill the void:
We recommend our smudge-free, clump-free, paraben-free Flawless Definition Waterproof Mascara for any time you’ll be swimming, sweating or tearing up at summer weddings. If you don’t have SPF built into your daily routine (or if you did, but just threw it away), our beloved Original loose mineral powder foundation and Mineral Veil® translucent finishing powder are both available with broad spectrum SPF.

In fashion you can just store those cropped, wide-leg jeans for 5 years until it’s time to dig them out again (hint: that time is now). Beauty has cyclical trends too but you really don’t want to rub 5-year-old product on your face. Think about how many times you’ve washed your face in 5 years. Now think about how many times you’ve washed that almost-forgotten eyeshadow shade. Get it? Great. Now go through and say goodbye to all of those cringe-worthy trends of old.

Fill the void:
Every beauty bag should have a little fun, so find a new trend to test out. Matte lips are having a major moment and unlike the last generation of matte lipsticks, our Matte Liquid Lipcolor is super moisturizing so your lips don’t have to suffer for fashion. Highlighters are another hot topic, and our Invisible Glow Powder Highlighter is an easy to use (AKA hard to mess up) baked compact. We’ll explain in Spring Cleaning Part II why baked is a smart choice.

A wiggly liquid liner, that allegedly-easy contouring kit… if you’re physically incapable of good results, we recommend clearing it out of the way so you can see the fun stuff you have mastered. All this cleaning may be awakening your desire to simplify, so identify any impossible products and say goodbye to unnecessary beauty drama and clutter.

Fill the void:
Get back to beautiful basics with a Get Started® Complexion Kit. Or streamline your mornings with Complexion Rescue™ for moisture plus coverage in one step. And if you just dumped 5 years of eyeliner fails, try Lasting Line™ Long-Wearing Eyeliner—it’s a twist up pencil with intense mineral color that’s super smooth and easy to use. But if you’re having one of those mornings we built in an ergonomic smudge tip that corrects in a flash—you know, just in case.

Now that you’ve cleared out the clutter, learn to clean and maintain your makeup brushes, makeup and more in Part II of our spring cleaning series.