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Spring Clean Your Makeup Routine

The weather is warmer (fingers crossed), the days are getting longer…life is looking good right about now. It’s officially the first day of spring today and we’re taking the time to spring clean our beauty routine. The rest of the house cleaning will just have to wait…beauty calls:

Clean brushes
Your brushes get a lot of action. Make sure they are in prime shape for applying your makeup. We recommend you clean your buffing beauties weekly with our Well-Cared for Brush Conditioning Shampoo. Running late? We get it. Use our Quick Change Brush Cleaner. We have some tips for you, too.

Wash makeup bag
Probably the most neglected, your makeup bag could benefit from a good cleaning. After all, look at all the products it holds. Depending on the material, you can either wipe it down with disinfecting wipes, warm water and mild soap, or toss it in the washing machine.

Clean eyeliner sharpener and eyelash curler
Keep a lookout for what you put near your eyes. Simply dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and wipe down your eyeliner sharpener and eyelash curler for a quick clean. Phew. That was easy.

Take stock of beauties (and organize)
If you’re like us, you have tons of beauty products. And some, you might not even use anymore. Take the time to sort through it all. Toss anything that’s past its beauty shelf life. Here’s when you should get a fresh replacement:
2 YEARS: blush, eyecolor, foundation, concealer, moisturizer
1 YEAR: eyeliner, cleanser, lipstick, lipliner
6 MONTHS: mascara

Spring on new shades
Winter shades are so last season. Add some cheery color to your makeup wardrobe with the help of some Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm and Blush Balm. Want a whole new look? We’ve got the perfect spring collection for you.