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Refresh Your Winter Wardrobe with These Eco Friendly Accessories


While it’s always fun to find a new accessory for our wardrobes, becoming a conscious consumer means thinking before adding even the smallest of new additions to our online shopping carts. Lucky for us, there are a growing number of brands committed to creating products that look good and do good at the same time. Whether it’s sustainable materials, or prices that have a percentage earmarked for a charitable cause, a bit of research is bound to turn up something stylish with purpose — whether you’re looking to find a new bag, scarf, pair of shades, or piece of heirloom-worthy jewelry.

The Price of Shopping for a Cause 

While sustainable accessories used to be dominated by a certain granola vibe, the market has expanded to suit a variety of aesthetics. Still, these pieces aren’t cheap thrills. In order to a) ensure that employees at every part of the supply chain are paid a living wage and b) source sustainable production materials and/or generate enough revenue to keep the business afloat while supporting philanthropic enterprises, these brands can’t match the low, fast fashion prices that many consumers have become accustomed to. Even so, when these brands’ customers invest in one of their pieces, they come away with a long-lasting item that they can feel good about — like all of the items selected below.

Hair Clip by Serendipitous Project

Founded in 2019, Serendipitous Project is a line of sustainable accessories and jewelry made from ethically sourced materials, like the one-of-a-kind coin pearls in this dreamy hair clip that lends its wearer an instant sense of seaside romanticism.

Boots by Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat have been committed to producing stylish vegan accessories since 1995, long before eco-conscious fashion made its way into the mainstream. These patent leather booties have a bit of a ‘60s vibe and a versatile earth tone, making them incredibly wearable with skirts and pants alike.

Sneakers by Veja

From their organic cotton uppers to their natural rubber soles, Veja goes the extra mile to pay market price for sustainable materials and create shoes that will stand the test of the time — a fact that’s due in no small part to timeless, varsity throwback style.

Wallet by von Holzhausen

Made from vegan Technik-Leather, the material on this, as well as many of von Holzhausen’s sleek designs, is resistant to stains, scratches and water, and boasts a low carbon footprint. Even better, the brand is committed to fair wages and benefits for all of the artisans that create their products.

Watch by Nordgreen

Nordgreen’s clean Danish designs are instantly appealing and responsibly made, and for every purchase made, customers can decide which one of the brand’s three partner NGOs they’d like to donate a portion of proceeds to: Water for Good, educational initiative Pratham UK, or Cool Earth, which is working to protect the rainforest.

Wool Wrap by Taiyo

Taiyo is meant for those who want to “wear their values,” so their eco friendly apparel is all made from deadstock and recycled materials. This cozy two-tone wool wrap gets its color from non-toxic dye, which means you can snuggle up to it without worries.

Bag by Hozen

Every bit of the manufacturing process behind this candy-colored bag has been considered, from the vegan leather and recycled plastic to its organic cotton, natural rubber and vegan glue. If you choose to take one of Hozen’s bright, poppy designs home, 10% of your purchases will go to Mercy For Animals, an international animal protection non-profit.

Sunglasses by Pala

A touch of the ‘70s in the form of a great pair of sunglasses is always a good look. An even better look? Proceeds from each purchase of these shades will provide grants to vision centers across the African continent.

Ring by Bar Jewellery

A statement piece in more ways than one, this ring is made from gold plate poured over recycled sterling silver. Upcycled materials are the hallmark of Bar Jewellery’s products, as well as paying the artisans that make them a fair wage.

Earring by SVNR

The lifesaver stone dangling on this 14K gold hoop dates back to 5,000 BC in ancient China and symbolizes the circle of life. Bonus: all the materials on this stunning single earring are found, reused and/or upcycled.

Socks by Kind Socks

Made from 98% GOTS-certified organic cotton, Kind Socks does the whole eco-conscious approach without losing any of the bright color and whimsy that makes you want to grab one of their pairs, first thing every morning.

Earrings by AGMES

The striking designs that make up the AGMES catalog are nearly all made from recycled materials. Based in New York City, the brand also works with local businesses on everything from production to packaging. These sterling silver studs are solid and sculptural, but lightweight enough for everyday wear.