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How Eco Friendly Choices Can Create a Cozier Home


As with any kind of decor, eco friendly design tends to have a reputation. Just like you’ll assume that a mid-century modern home will look like Mad Men come to life, it’s easy to think that an eco friendly home would be minimal, white, sterile and everything that’s, in essence, not so cozy.

But we’re here to say that it’s time to think outside the box and put your preconceived design notions behind you. Eco friendly decor doesn’t have to be bland. It’s possible to fill your home with soft, cozy accents that are also friendly to the planet.

We borrowed a few sustainable home decor ideas from brands that combine comfort, luxury and sustainability. Ahead, we broke down our favorite ways to easily incorporate their products into your own homes, from using wood accents to create a spa-like bathroom to switching up bedding in favor of luxurious materials. Trust us, your home can be just as much a retreat for you as it is a tribute to mother earth.

Make the Bedroom a Texture Trove

Your bedroom should feel like a getaway, even if it’s merely steps from the rest of your home. To create a welcoming environment, switch to sustainable lightweight fabrics and textures. We love a bed that’s decorated with 100% organic cotton pillows (like this one from Coyuchi, which was made in a factory that recycles 98% of its wastewater). Your bed should be just as much an area of relaxation as it is a decor moment, so don’t overlook on the sheets and duvet. Temperature-regulating sheets from Cozy Earth can be used year-round, plus they’re responsibly sourced and free of harsh chemicals. Tie everything together with a natural-fiber rug that can be the first thing that connects you to nature, as soon as you step out of bed.

All that texture deserves a good spotlight. In lieu of energy-draining lamps and twinkle lights, set a calming mood with environmentally-friendly candles that use waxes like soy or coconut. This deeply comforting musky scent from BornIndigo is a perfect choice for a Friday night-in with Netflix.

To complete your resort-style bedroom, decorate with found objects. Sometimes the most eco friendly decorating option can be reusing what was already once loved from a thrift store or vintage shop. We love the idea of thrifted hardcover books — not only are they decorative, but each one is truly unique.

Bring the Outdoors into the Kitchen

The coziest kitchens evoke the feeling of a cottage in the woods; far away from the chaos of everyday life, these kitchens are all about getting crafty with seasonal meals and making the most of what you have. Get started by bringing nature indoors with your own in-home garden. Modern Sprout garden jars let you grow everything from flowers to herbs, and they’re all packaged up in beautiful vintage-inspired mason jars. And what to do with all those veggie scraps? Don’t throw them away. Give your counterspace some purpose with a composting bin that looks like a stylish jar. The Bamboozle composter is made with durable bamboo fiber that’s just as good for the environment as the organic waste inside.

What kitchen would be complete without a set of tea towels to hang from the stove? In lieu of a traditional seasonal tea towel that is put in storage after a month, we suggest investing in an option that can be used year-round. A linen option like this one from Linoto doubles as a replacement for paper towels, so there’s no trash in sight.

Complete your cozy cottage kitchen with decor accents that make you smile: fresh fruit baskets, mis-matched teacups, Dutch ovens. And, of course, don’t forget a tea kettle that can be put on display when not in use. This 100% glass option from T2 makes sure no harmful chemicals leach into your water.

Zen Out in the Bathroom

Is there anything more comforting than a visit to the spa? You might not be able to spend as much there as you’d like, but you can certainly recreate it at home to capture that feeling daily.

You’ll want to start by igniting your senses — in particular, the very distinct and soothing scent of a spa. Instead of a room spray that can do more harm than good, try a BPA-free diffuser that uses 100% plant-based essential oils, such as this stone one from Saje.

Next, trade up your overused towel mats for a long-lasting solution that decorates as it dries your feet. This hinoki mat from The Citizenry is handmade in Japan and releases an aromatic scent when it’s damp.

Finally, set the scene with all the essentials you’ll need for a spa-worthy bath. It begins with the perfect bath tray. This can be left as perfect decoration when not in use — reclaimed wood varieties are eco friendly and offer longevity, as opposed to plastic ones. The customizable tray from Peg and Awl is just the right size for a cup of tea, your favorite book, a candle and your bath accessories. And of course, you’ll want to make sure your bathroom is complete with fluffy, organic cotton towels ready for you after a long bath. Under the Canopy’s conscious towels are fair trade and GOTS certified, plus they look absolutely dreamy when displayed on your towel racks.