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Conserve Water

It’s easy to take for granted, but clean drinking water doesn’t just fall from the sky. Conserving water is important for our future. So whether you live in a drought-ridden state (hello, California) or you’re lucky to receive plenty of that liquid sunshine, it’s important to watch your water. Not sure where to start? Here are some helpful at-home tricks that’ll help out Mother Earth…and your water bill.

In your kitchen:
Use the right size of pot to avoid boiling too much water
Scrub fruits and veggies in a bowl instead of under running water
Reuse cooking water to make soups, bake bread or water plants (just let it cool down first)

In your bathroom:
Limit showers to five minutes or less (your typical shower can use over 4 gallons a minute)
Fix leaky faucets immediately
Turn off water while brushing your teeth, washing your face and removing your makeup
Install a low-pressure showerhead and flushing toilet

In your yard:
Wash your pets, bikes, yoga mats (and anything else) outside so your lawn gets a drink
Water your lawn at night to avoid evaporation
Create a waterless oasis filled with cacti, succulents, statues, and other beauties that don’t require H20

Every drop counts. Turn it off when you can.