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We’ve got a case of the Mondays. Mani Mondays, that is. This time we’re tapping into our artsy side to make a masterpiece with watercolor-inspired nail art.  Don’t worry, it only looks amazingly difficult. In reality, it’s as easy as…

What you’ll need:
1. Clear polish (for base & top)
2. Base polish (could be white, light pink, or nude)
3. 4 – 5 colored polishes (we suggest pastels for a subtle water color effect)
4. Piece of plastic, plastic bag, or thick sheet of paper
5. 3 – 4 small sponges


Nails_2 Step 1: File your nails to your liking (we’ve gone for a nice almond shape).
Step 2:
Paint your nails with the clear base coat.
Nails_3 Step 3: Paint your nails evenly with your solid base polish.
Nails_4 Step 4: Place a drop of different colors on your sheet.
Nails_6 Step 5: Dip one sponge in one color, and dab on sheet until it lightly spreads on the sponge. Then, dab on to each nail using a stippling motion. Make sure to go light the first time around because you will be layering.
Nails_7 Step 6: Repeat Step 5 with different colors and a different sponge every time. Wait for each layer to dry before applying the next color.
Tip: To lighten up the color, add some water to the sponge and stipple from light to darker colors.
Nails_8 Step 7: Wait for all the colors to dry, then lock it all in with a clear polish.

Voilà. You’ve got a work of art on your hands. Now go point at something (anything) and show ’em off by sharing a pic on Instagram. #bareMinerals #bareBlog


 Photography by Candice O.