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What Are You PRO? Talking Self Love with Serein Wu


Serein Wu for bareMinerals

Our BAREPRO makeup family is changing the beauty landscape with a simple proposition: skin-improving longwear. These formulas are everything we stand for: PRO-SKIN, PRO-PERFORMANCE and PRO-YOU, with great ingredients and lasting wear that keeps up with you all day long — so you can focus on what you stand for.

We asked three beauty influencers who love new BAREPRO 16-Hour Full Coverage Concealer to share what they stand for — and why they love our high-performance, natural-looking makeup. Today, we’re talking with Serein Wu, a content creator based in Los Angeles, CA.

Serein wears BAREPRO Performance Wear Foundation in Silk 14 and BAREPRO Concealer in Tan – Neutral 10

bareMinerals: What are you PRO?

Serein Wu: I am PRO-SELF CARE and SELF LOVE. Self care is so important for our self esteem and confidence. Taking time to relax, take a bath, read a good book or apply makeup that makes you feel good can all improve your mental health and boost your confidence. When I look and feel my best I can deal with whatever life has to throw at me.

bareMinerals: What are three things you do for yourself every day?

Serein: I always take my time at night to do a full 3- to 5-step skincare routine. It helps me unwind and I truly enjoy my skincare time. I’m currently trying to complete a 12-week workout challenge, so I’ve scheduled an hour each day for me to be able to get my workouts in. Physical activity is so important to me — it helps with my stress and overall moods. Lastly, breakfast. With my schedule, meals can sometimes come at random times and be on the go, but breakfast is the one meal a day I sit down and enjoy, no matter what.

bareMinerals: In your life and line of work, what makes natural-looking makeup so important?

Serein: I want to motivate and inspire people to feel their best from the outside in. While there is nothing wrong with full-on glam, I don’t want people to feel like they have to have it to go out in the world. Natural-looking makeup is important to me because I want people to feel good, but not hide their skin. Freckles, scars and moles are part of what makes us unique.
For a while, being on social media made me feel very self-conscious. All the skin filters didn’t help either. It took me a while to remember what skin looks like and that it’s OK to want to minimize something or to even out your skin, but at the end of the day, it’s important to love who you are without all the fun beauty products.

bareMinerals: How often do you wear full coverage makeup?

Serein: I wear a little bit of makeup on most days, especially concealer and brows … sometimes I just want to pull out all the stops and do a full face … it really depends on my mood.

bareMinerals: What’s one concealer tip everyone should know?

Serein: Find a good concealer that matches your skin tone. It can act as a magic eraser in a pinch. Apply to uneven areas on your face, blend with your fingers or a brush. Set. Done! Full face, one product. I actually do this most days because It’s fast and looks really natural.

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