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What are you PRO? Talking Wellness with Jessica Franklin

Our BAREPRO makeup family is changing the beauty landscape with a simple proposition: skin-improving longwear. These formulas are everything we stand for: PRO-SKIN, PRO-PERFORMANCE and PRO-YOU, with great ingredients and lasting wear that keeps up with you all day long — so you can focus on what you stand for.

We asked three beauty influencers who love new BAREPRO 16-Hour Full Coverage Concealer to share what they stand for — and why they love our high-performance, natural-looking makeup. Today, we’re talking with Jessica Franklin, a blogger and entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, NY.

Jessica wears BAREPRO Performance Wear Foundation in Cardamom 23 and BAREPRO Concealer in Tan/Dark – Neutral 12

bareMinerals: What are you PRO?

Jessica Franklin: I’m PRO-WELLNESS because I’ve realized that there is so much value in taking care of my health. Without it, I cannot live up to my full potential and be effective in my career, with my family, and in any other areas of my life.

bareMinerals: How did you discover your passion for wellness?

Jessica: This has been a journey for the past 5 years or so. I’ve gone from working out once in a while and eating whatever I wanted (fast food, sugary drinks, etc.) to now working out 3-4 times a week and making healthier food choices. It’s not a diet for me, but a lifestyle. The more I do it and continue on this journey, the more I adopt better habits. I’m not perfect … but I’m always trying my best and to me, that’s what really matters.

bareMinerals: What makes you feel confident?

Jessica: As cliché as it may sound, I have learned that confidence starts from the inside first. Without that, it is impossible to feel confident. But of course I feel even more confident when I get dressed and do my hair and makeup. I love when my makeup looks flawless.

bareMinerals: In your life and line of work, what makes natural-looking makeup so important?

Jessica: When I wear makeup, it’s important that I still look like myself. I never want to feel like makeup is a crutch and that I need it to feel better. Instead, it compliments me. Since my job involves influencing other women to feel confident both inside and out, I want them to feel the same way when it comes to their makeup.

bareMinerals: How often do you wear full coverage makeup?

Jessica: I wear full coverage makeup about 4-5 times a week! I wear it to meetings, photoshoots, events and even meeting up with my friends! It makes me feel good, knowing my makeup looks great. I love that BAREPRO Liquid Foundation provides full coverage, but doesn’t feel or look heavy. It really looks like skin!

bareMinerals: What’s one concealer tip everyone should know?

When applying concealer to your eyes, draw a triangle with your concealer rather than dotting or swiping it on. This guarantees a flawless application and it’s super easy!

bareMinerals: What are three things you do for yourself every day?

Jessica: 1. Set aside time for myself in the morning for reading, prayer and just alone time! 2. Work out. 3. Listen to my favorite songs and albums. Good music really puts me in a great mood and has such a positive effect on my day.

What do you stand for? Share what you’re PRO on Instagram, tagging #bareMinerals to join the conversation.