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Everything You Need to Know About Ordering Custom Foundation


bareMinerals custom foundation formulas and brush

Looking for the perfect foundation shade? Not sure how to match a shade to your skin tone? Want a customized shade? We have an app that’ll help answer all your questions. Called bareMinerals MADE-2-FIT, it puts the future of foundation in the palm of your hand by scanning your skin to make totally unique custom blended foundation that’s made to match you. Intrigued? Great, cause we’re here to explain.

bareMinerals MADE-2-FIT App on a cell phone with custom foundation

How It Works

First off, you download the app for iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Once you have this technology in hand, you’ll spend about 2 minutes scanning different areas of your skin that get more and less sun exposure, like your forehead, the insides of your wrists. Then, using MATCHCo technology, the app will analyze your scans to create one perfect custom foundation shade. You order a bottle, we ship it to you. It’s really that easy.


Ever shopped for makeup and wondered: How can I determine my skin undertones? Well, after you’ve scanned, we’ll tell you about your unique skin tone and its undertones — whether you’re warm, cool or neutral. Handy, right?

bareMinerals BAREPRO custom foundation on top of ingredients

Choose Your Formula

First off, all bareMinerals foundations are clean and skin-improving, and that includes our custom foundation options (obviously). We currently offer two formulas, so you can get either full or sheer freshly-blended liquid foundation. BAREPRO Performance Wear Liquid Foundation is our best-selling liquid formula with a soft-matte finish that lasts 24 hours — and even improves skin’s texture over time. We offer a newly-optimized and expanded range of 35 shades, or you can now use the app to create your own.

Our sheer liquid foundation, only available through the app, is called Fresh Faced Foundation. It has a finish that is naturally radiant — not too matte, not too glowy. The formula works for all skin types, with nourishing and antioxidant botanical ingredients, vitamins, minerals … all the good stuff!

Why Custom Foundation?

We’re always optimizing and expanding our shade ranges — in fact, we just used what we’ve learned from our MADE-2-FIT customers to update our BAREPRO Foundation shades. That said, MADE-2-FIT was designed to be a solution for people who still can’t find a shade they love or are hesitant to order a new shade online (though we do have a shade match guarantee — just saying). Also, you can choose to scan every time you need a new bottle so you can have a perfect fresh-from-vacation shade, a perfect it’s-been-snowing-for-months shade — you get the idea.

bareMinerals Fresh Faced custom-blended foundation formula with custom name

One More Thing…

We’re obsessed with this technology but there’s something else we can’t get enough of: each bottle comes printed with your name. Why? Because that’s the shade: your unique skin tone that’s been bottled just for you. It’s quite literally makeup that’s made to match you, and we think you’re going to love it.

You can download the bareMinerals MADE-2-FIT App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.