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Most of us can remember the beauty of a twirly skirt, how at 6 years old that’s all it took, a skirt that twirled when you spun around. How at 7, maybe 8, you ditched the twirly skirts for something else, soccer cleats maybe or a swimsuit. How your sense of self and beauty changed as you grew up, as you navigated being a teenager when there were times when nothing made you feel beautiful, because, gawd! Eye roll. Is that boy looking at you? I think we all remember that.

We find that the beauty (pun intended) of growing older is that you learn to create your own definition. Beauty may no longer be found in a twirly skirt (although those can be pretty fun sometimes), or in the opinion of someone else. That is, beauty is still in the eye of the beholder, but you become the beholder.


Here are just some of the things that make us feel beautiful:

  • Smiling
  • Running
  • Finishing a crossword puzzle
  • Cuddling our kids
  • Dancing
  • Making people laugh
  • The perfect pair of jeans
  • Hanging out with people we love