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What Your Lipstick Shape Says About You


lipstick shape

Imagine your favorite lipstick. You know, that tube you’re always digging around for at the bottom of your purse. The shade can say a lot about you, but what about the actual shape of the lipstick’s bullet?

“In my career, on shoots, at bridal makeup sessions or when checking out a friend’s makeup bag, I see the same six bullet shapes when I look at lipsticks,” says Cassandra McClure, celebrity makeup artist and host of the Clean Beauty podcast. “And the shape always seems to match the owner’s personality!” Whether your favorite lipstick looks like an old-school pencil eraser or identical to the day you bought it, read on to find out just what that shape reveals about you.

The Standard

A slightly angled tip, this is the status quo, if you will. “I call it the standard because the shape of the bullet is as if this person just purchased it,” says McClure. “This is a team member. A rule follower. Likes a routine. However, this somewhat reserved person has a spontaneous side and may surprise others by a sudden change, like switching out their brunette locks for blonde!” says McClure.

The Dome

This bullet shape is rounded, like a roller ball or an upside down bowl. “This person is easy-going,” McClure says. “Nothing bothers her or him. This is someone who adapts to what’s going on around them and makes friends wherever they go.”

The Eraser

This shape looks just like the top of a pencil eraser: perfectly shaped, perfectly flat. “This person is very particular about what they wear, what they eat, where they eat. Might not be flexible, but someone you can count on,” says McClure.

The Edge

This bullet is extremely slanted and very defined, almost like the end of a freshly-cut rose stem. “This is a person who knows what they want, and they usually get it. They like to be in control, have strong personalities and are very outgoing,” says McClure. “My lipstick looks like this!”

The Arrow

This bullet has an unusual shape because the user applies from both sides of the bullet, creating a point in the middle. “This is a people pleaser, wants everyone to be happy. Very sweet and kind and will do anything for almost anyone,” says McClure.

The Tunnel

This is the funkiest shape, because the wearer puts the bullet flat against her or his lips. It eventually hollows out in the middle and looks like a tiny tunnel. “This person likes to shake thing up a little. They try new things and want their friends to join them. Always want to have fun,” says McClure.

So next time you see someone applying lipstick, take a second look for a little clue as to what makes them tick…