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What’s My Shade: Foundation Matching Tricks


You’ve made the mistake too, haven’t you? You decided to guess a shade and order foundation online. The convenience was just so alluring, plus your old one was almost out. Then it arrived and totally didn’t match your skin, leaving you really about to run out, and with some weirdly orange color to return. In other words: not so convenient.

At bareMinerals, we believe you can order foundation online without stress or guessing (or disaster). And since we’re all about natural-looking makeup, we’re serious about matching you with a shade that keeps you, well, looking like you. That’s why we just added shades in our Original and Matte Foundations (we’re up to 30, if you’re keeping track), and developed the Shade Finder. It’s an (actually) easy online tool for finding both your perfect shade and the right mineral foundation for your skin, whether you’re concerned about signs of aging, acne, or not disturbing your super sensitive skin. Now, to make sure you have a mistake-proof order, here are two easy tricks that will teach you a whole lot about your own skin.

Understanding Your Skin Type

To get the best foundation match, you’ll need to know both your skin type and tone. Skin type is a familiar question, and it’s fairly simple to answer. To choose between dry, oily, combination or balanced, just think about the natural state of your face. But the other key to finding your best natural-looking foundation is knowing your skin tone.

Understanding Your Skin Tone

Regardless of how dark or fair your skin is, your skin tone will fall into one of three categories: cool, neutral or golden/warm. If you have a dark complexion and tan easily, chances are you have a warm skin tone. If you have fair skin and turn red in the sun, you most likely have a cool skin tone. If you’re so good at SPF that you’re not really sure, use the wrist test. If the veins in your wrist appear greenish, you have a golden skin tone. If they look bluish, your skin tone is cool. If you can’t tell, then you most likely have a neutral skin tone.
Now, go ahead and play with the Shade Finder to meet your mineral foundation match. We’ll even ship your choice free because buying foundation online should be easy—and maybe even a little fun.

Get shade matched online now or if you prefer to talk it out, find a bareMinerals boutique where we always offer free shade matching.