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From Humidifiers to Serums, Here’s Your Winter Skincare Cheat Sheet


You’ve got your favorite hot beverage in hand, booties on your feet and are bundled in a cozy sweater. You realize you’re primed to take the ultimate cozy winter selfie when you turn the camera around and realize your skin is looking … less than fresh. Thanks, winter.

Don’t worry — it’s not just you. “Depending on where you live, winter weather can really damage and dry out your skin,” confirms celebrity esthetician Sarah Akram. “As the temperatures cool to a brisk chill, humidity decreases and then air becomes drier. The opposite of this effect — more humidity — is the reason skin seems so much more moisturized in the summer.”

Even though winter can be rough on skin, you don’t have to throw on a filter to feel confident. Follow this pro advice on cold weather skin care and you’ll be glowing even in the snow.

How to Hydrate Skin in Winter

Your skin’s barrier is more susceptible to being compromised in the winter months due to that lack of humidity we mentioned above. If your skin is dull, dry, flaky or scaly, these are all signs your barrier’s begging for some TLC.

“One of the best ways to keep your skin barrier strong is to use heavier, occlusive creams,” says Akram. ‘Occlusive’ means they “lock in the water and natural oils that protect and nourish your skin. Thicker occlusive creams inhibit outside environmental factors from penetrating the skin to cause damage, and lock in all the good stuff underneath.”

Our BARE HAVEN Essential Moisturizing Soft Cream is specifically formulated to repair and bolster the skin’s barrier, and our BUTTER DRENCH Restorative Rich Cream is another excellent winter option that really locks in moisture.

Get Yourself a Humidifier

You can’t exactly ring up the weatherperson and request more humidity, but you can create your own moisture at home via a humidifier. A range of options exist, including large devices that can improve humidity levels in an entire room and hand-held devices that travel easily or sit unobtrusively on your nightstand. Try one of these top-rated humidifiers, the beautiful Vitruvi Stone Diffuser or Flight Mode Cloud Mister (which is a real life saver in dry airplanes as well).

Nourishing Mists Are a Must

In addition to humidifiers, it’s a good move to keep a nourishing, hydrating mist handy at all times. Akram says, “I tell my clients to carry a bottle in their purse whenever they need a moisturizing pick me up, be they at work, in between meetings, or even on an airplane. I carry one with me everywhere I go.”

Cool It in the Shower (Literally)

No matter what month it is, one of the absolute worst things you can do for your skin is stand underneath an ultra-hot shower for more than 10 to 15 minutes. It’s extra tempting when it’s frigid outside, but this further depletes skin of those essential moisturizing oils. Keep your water lukewarm and showering an in-and-out mission. Once you do hop out, gently towel off and apply moisturizer from head to toe.

Indulge in Monthly Facials

In the summertime it’s possible to get away with sporadic facials, but making it a consistent treat-yourself moment in the winter can really make an impact on your skin. Akram says, “Consider ramping up the frequency of your facial treatments to every 4-6 weeks so you can maintain a healthy, beautiful glow even in the colder months.” May we suggest our DIRTY DETOX Skin Glowing and Refining Mud Mask for an at-home treatment?

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

We’re doing a lot of moisturizer talk, but it’s important to keep exfoliating your skin, as dead, dry cells inhibit your ability to keep glowing. “I recommend an AHA mask twice a week, which is the perfect way to ensure your skin is looking hydrated while also reducing imperfections. AHAs and fruit enzymes are chemical exfoliants that brighten and smooth to reveal a glowing complexion,” says Dr. Maryam Zamani, an oculoplastic surgeon and aesthetic doctor. “You can also use them on your décolletage and the back of your hands to reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and age spots.” Our favorite chemical exfoliant is PORELESS Exfoliating Essence, which delivers five natural AHAs to skin, thanks to fruit acids that act as a gentle micropeel.

Keep Wearing Your Sunscreen

Even though the sun doesn’t shine as brightly in winter, it’s just as important to keep applying SPF to any exposed areas. Our award-winning COMPLEXION RESCUE Tinted Moisturizer Hydrating Gel Cream SPF 30 is a multi-tasking hero that provides light coverage, another layer of that moisture you need, and Broad Spectrum mineral-based SPF 30.

Make it your goal to stick to the above advice and you’ll have your skin glowing again in no time.