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Our Top 8 WFH Beauty Tips & A Quick, No-Brush Look


So, you’re working from home for the first time. Since you’re skipping that moment when, dressed and made up, you feel ready to go out take on the day, you may need a quick reminder that you’re still beautiful, inside and out. Although it can be tough feeling that way during times of change, it’s important to keep your spirits (and an established self-care routine) as intact as possible. Since I’ve been working from home, I’ve developed some beauty and wellness hacks that I’m sharing today. From skincare and (super minimal) makeup tips to making sure I’m well-nourished and uplifted from the inside out, these habits leave me feeling empowered, happy and healthy each day.

Keep Up Your Skincare Routine

You’re going to feel better when your skin is hydrated. After being inside for a while (even more so if you run a heater or fan), you might notice your skin looking dry or feeling tight. To help soften skin and help it look healthier and more glowing, I like to use PORELESS Exfoliating Essence directly on dry patches, following with SKINLONGEVITY Vital Power Infusion Serum and PURENESS Soothing Light Moisturizer. For deeper hydration, I swap PURENESS for BUTTER DRENCH Restorative Rich Cream 2-3 times a week. For an added self-care moment, I’ll also treat myself with the DIRTY DETOX Skin Glowing and Refining Mud Mask to really smooth and brighten things up.

Instant Eye Brightening

Even if I decide to not wear any makeup, I ALWAYS curl my eyelashes. This instantly brightens the eyes and has them looking nice and open. Also, brushing your brows upwards and out gives them a “lifted” look to pair with your curled lashes. Using an eyelash curler, (my favorite is the Shiseido Eyelash Curler), is an easy way to give your natural lashes some definition, even without mascara.

A Little Fresh Air Goes a Long Way

It’s so important to go outside if you can, even if that’s just a 20-minute walk in the middle of the day to get your blood flowing. Getting some natural vitamin D, always with SPF protection of course (I love our COMPLEXION RESCUE Defense Radiant Protective Veil, which has mineral-based SPF 30), can help bring on the endorphins. If you can’t leave your home, just sitting by an open window, especially if it’s sunny, can bring on the mood-lifting vibes. I know I definitely feel better on sunny days or when I’m surrounded by nature.

Drink More Water

One silver lining of working from home is that you can make a point to drink plenty of water every day. To switch things up a bit, I flavor my water with a lemon or orange slice, or even a slice of cucumber. Drinking hot water with lemon in the mornings can not only help calm the mind, it also serves as an anti-inflammatory and provides energizing electrolytes. Whether it’s warm or chilled or served with a twist, as long as you’re drinking plenty of water, you’ll feel better inside and out.

Hair for the Win

Don’t feel like doing your hair? Simply putting on a headband is a great way to get some extra mileage out of your second (or third) day hair. I’m known to have about 203 headbands in my rotation at all times! Of course, there’s always dry shampoo (I love Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo) to extend your look. Pro tip: if roots or grays are growing in between coloring sessions, you can cover them up using a matte eyeshadow and a flat eyeshadow brush — I recommend our Expert Shadow & Liner Brush, using the flat, angled “liner” side). Another easy tip for at-home, low maintenance hairstyling is braiding your wet hair after the shower, or putting it into a thoughtful updo, so when you take it out you have fun, effortless waves. I love this soft, eco-friendly scrunchie, which won’t pull or tug your hair, no matter what!

Take Breaks

With all these Zoom meetings going on, it can be hard to remember to practice self-care, so it’s important to take a break to stretch your body and even your face, if you can. For some quick relaxation, grab the nearest serum (my personal favorite is SKINLONGEVITY Vital Power Infusion Serum), and massage from the jaw to the ear to help get the blood flowing and break up and fluids that might be causing puffiness. You can also press lightly under your eye — into the temples and up toward the orbital bone — to help reduce puffiness that occurs in the undereye area. One quick body stretch that I love is pulling my arm across my chest, pushing at the elbow and holding for 20 seconds. I also like to take a deep breath in and hold my hands over my head, uniting my fingertips and pushing outward, then exhaling while slowly releasing and dropping my arms.

Maintain Eating Habits

Working from home for multiple days can get you out of your normal meal routine, but staying close to it is important. I like to set alarms to remind myself to eat, also factoring in healthy snacking. I am someone who craves sweets every now and then, so having treats (that are also good for me) on hand is a must. Lately, I have stocked up on fruits — including frozen and dried — for a quick smoothie, fruit salad or a yummy yogurt topper.

Don’t Forget to Play!

It’s easy to work all day and into the night without stopping, so I recommend taking 5-10 minutes in the morning to focus on you. Whether it’s picking out a bold-colored shirt or that top you know is super flattering, put on something (at least from the waist up!) you know you feel great in. In terms of beauty, there’s always room for some fun. Whether you opt for your go-to everyday makeup or try out a hot pink lip, the goal is infusing some uplifting, happy vibes into your day. Even if you’re in leggings, you’ll feel more like yourself with your favorite winged eye and that off-the-shoulder sweater you haven’t gotten a chance to wear yet.

Your 7-Minute Face

If you’re looking at your calendar and see multiple video calls, or you’re just feeling a little blah, you may want to infuse makeup into your WFH beauty routine. For an easy boost of confidence, here’s a super simple, universally-flattering look that instantly brightens the face with perfected, hydrated skin and soft pops of color. You can do the full look in under 7 minutes and you don’t need to use brushes (you can if you prefer of course!) Just please make sure to wash your hands well before starting. Have fun!

Step 1: Perfect Skin with COMPLEXION RESCUE Tinted Moisturizer

Apply our super hydrating tinted moisturizer all over your face, blending with your fingers (my pick) or the Smoothing Face Brush. For a little extra coverage under your eyes or on blemishes, BAREPRO 16-Hour Full Coverage Concealer lasts all day while improving skin’s texture over time.

Step 2: Define Brows with BROW MASTER Eyebrow Pencil

When filling in your brows, I recommend starting at the arch instead of the thicker, front part of the brow. This will help avoid overfilling. For a natural and effortless look, draw short, hair-like strokes upward and outward, following the natural growth of the hair.

Step 3: Add a Soft Wash of Color with GEN NUDE Eyeshadow

Using your GEN NUDE Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral, apply the shade Tribe from your lash line to your crease using either your fingers, the Expert Shadow and Liner Brush or The Blender Blush, then blend the edges with your fingertips to diffuse. Wrap the color around the lower lash line to create balance.

Step 4: Multiple coats of LASHTOPIA

Use LASHTOPIA Mega Volume Mineral-Based Mascara to lift and enhance your lashes. Otherwise, feel free to just curl your lashes.

Step 5: Diffused Monochromatic Lip with MINERALIST Lipstick

Use similar shades on eyes, cheeks and lips for a monochromatic look. In this case, we are opting for a universally flattering, rosy pink, MINERALIST Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick in Honesty. Swipe your lipstick onto the lower lip and then press lips together, using your fingertip to blend outward towards the edges for a lip stain effect. This application technique gives you a pop of color, but keeps it looking natural.

Meet Carly

Carly Giglio (@carlygiglio) is a celebrated celebrity makeup artist and beauty educator with a passion for color, glowing skin and celebrating her client’s unique beauty. With almost a decade of industry experience, including red carpet and editorial photoshoots, brand creative campaigns and New York Fashion Week, Carly is all about the details when it comes to creating beauty looks.

“My makeup and artistry philosophy is about enhancing each individual’s natural features, not covering them up,” says Carly. “I love helping people to feel their best and most confident, while exploring the possibilities with makeup.”

A self-taught makeup artist, Carly first discovered her passion for color and artistry at a young age through her love of painting and a background in fine arts. One of her favorite aspects of working in the beauty space is connecting with people and making them feel good about themselves through the power of makeup – transforming a blank canvas into a work of art.

“I love creating beautiful, glowing skin with elements of color and luminosity throughout, and I’m all about seamless builds of color and structure,” Carly says. “But the best payoff is seeing how confident my clients become once they learn some simple makeup tips.