Finding the Right Type of Foundation for Your Skin Type

Everybody's skin is different, so when it comes to knowing how to apply foundation, how to find your foundation shade and what type of coverage you need— it's easy to feel a bit lost. But our quiz makes it simple.

What is Liquid Foundation?

There's a lot to love about liquid foundation, including the silky, wet texture which blends seamlessly and allows for buildable coverage. If you're comparing powder vs. liquid foundations, a liquid option is great for dry to normal skin because it helps with hydration, dewiness, and overall glow. Plus, it's also a great foundation for mature skin as its spreadable texture won't settle around fine lines and wrinkles—and it builds up nicely for high coverage.

What is Loose Powder Foundation?

If liquid is great for dry skin, what type of skin are powder foundations good for? We recommend sticking to powder formulas if you have oily skin as the foundation will absorb any extra shine. Not to mention, a loose powder foundation is good for light to medium coverage, so if you're wondering whether powder or liquid foundation is better, the results will vary depending on your skin type and what type of finish you're looking for.

What is Pressed Powder Foundation?

Now that we've established powder is good for oily skin, it's time to break down the difference between pressed powder foundation and loose powder foundation. While both are excellent at providing a matte finish, pressed powder is more easily buildable for higher coverage. For fullglam and longer wear, pressed powder foundation is the way to go.

What is Cream Foundation?

Unlike liquid foundations which typically include a moisturizing agent, cream foundations are thicker—perfect for high coverage and an even finish on most skin types. Just don't forget to blend! Now as far as other creams go, you're probably wondering what the difference is between BB cream and CC cream—and does that have anything to do with cream foundation? BB and CC creams are not foundations; however, CC creams can build up for a medium coverage.

What are Foundation Sticks?

Are you someone who is always on the go? Like to make touchups throughout the day? Prefer multi-use products? A foundation stick might be just what you need. Our foundation stick can be used as a medium-coverage foundation, concealer, contour or as a touch-up tool. Plus, it's suited for all skin types. So, if you're asking yourself, “is liquid or stick foundation better for oily skin,” we recommend a stick foundation. And the best part? Ours has SPF 25 in the formula.