Back to Basics: How to Apply Mineral Foundation

May 28, 2024

It's been our #1 product for years. It wins all the awards. It gets all the Instagram and TikTok love. You guessed it, today we're talking about Loose Powder Foundation with SPF 15. Whether you're a diehard fan or have never quite understood what the fuss is all about, we're here to give you a crash course on the magical creamy formula that made mineral makeup a household name. A fast favorite of celebs, brides, and just about about anybody- including those with sensitive or acne-prone skin, our ORIGINAL Foundation is beloved for a reason.

First, the formula (which remains unchanged since its launch) contains only 5 clean mineral ingredients that seamlessly blend away any imperfections, leaving behind a luminous, healthy glow. Amazingly, our foundation also improves your skin over time, which makes ORIGINAL so pure you can actually (yes, actually) sleep in it.

And while we have you, why not take a minute to gather some application tips and tricks from the professionals as well as some fun facts about a true makeup icon that changed the face of beauty forever.

How to Apply Loose Powder Foundation

Swirl, Tap, Buff is the makeup application technique for all of our loose mineral products, including our ORIGINAL Foundation. We recommend you use the Beautiful Finish Foundation Brush to perfectly apply your foundation. You start by tipping a tiny bit of product into the lid of the jar (and we do mean tiny for a full face of foundation, think sprinkles of cinnamon on a cappuccino). And then:

SWIRL: Swirling your brush in the minerals for 10-15 seconds picks them up and warms them up so they'll apply with that famous creamy feel.

TAP: Tapping your brush on the edge of the lid prevents you from applying too much and from wasting product.

BUFF: Applying with a swirling motion continues to warm the minerals and mixes them with the natural oils and hydration in your skin. As the minerals warm, they expand, which is why the same amount of product will create fuller coverage if you just keep buffing.

Pro Tips

- Sing happy birthday to yourself, twice. That's how long you should buff a full face of loose powder foundation! Buffing is really the key to achieving that perfect, flawless look.

- Just walk away. After you've applied your ORIGINAL, go make a cup of tea, text that friend you've been meaning to answer, and come back. You'll see how the minerals have mixed with your skin to create an even, flawless finish. Need a little more coverage? Just buff again.

- Never go back to the pot. We've met so many women who have fallen in love with this foundation over the decades and plenty who haven't. The top reason the formula may seem to not work for you it is that they're applying too much, adding foundation for coverage instead of buffing it in fully to get that natural, no-makeup look.

How well do you know the ORIGINAL?

- The color of the lid has always been the same. It was inspired by Japanese river rocks, which are smoothed by the flow of water to give them a silky feel. The sifter was a later addition, based on customer requests.

- ORIGINAL was the first makeup product to be featured on QVC in 1997, and our airtime was actually cut. It had to be, since the product had sold out in just 6 minutes!

- In the beginning, ORIGINAL was available in only four shades. We're up to 30 and counting. Each one offers the same SPF foundation, and features only 5 ingredients all natural minerals.

- The formula so forgiving that most people can wear more than one shade. The real key is knowing your skin's undertone and staying within that range. If you go on vacation and get super tan, go up one shade within your undertone range.

- ORIGINAL is literally made of crushed mineral rocks from the earth, including some that provide natural mineral SPF protection.

- It can be used as a concealer. Just use a smaller brush and buff, buff, buff.

- ORIGINAL can be stored anywhere. Bright light? Dark purse? Humid beach house? No problem it won't leak or separate.

- MATTE Foundation is a variation on the ORIGINAL. Launched in 2009, it has a few extra minerals to help absorb oil and eliminate shine without drying skin. It was created based on customer requests.